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Re:Overdrive - One Last Sinister SOC

Gosh where do I even begin with this project? I would've been about 15 when I made the first Sonic Overdrive- a bizzare SMS copycat with a twist. The original wasn't an original character, but just the vanilla SSNTails Sonic sprites, with as many cool SOC abilities as I could come up with crammed onto it. I had this vague idea that I could make it possible to enjoy playing as a nonsensical OP character, without dealing with the stigma of making an OC.

It's cringe as hell to look back on. I'm pretty embarrassed just to be talking about it. But those memories are important to me nonetheless, and this game and my time modding it has meant a lot to me. So for Sunset Over Chaos, I brought this little cringelord back. A half-recolor no more, Re:Overdrive is an original character with their own personality and abilities!

What abilities you ask?


Nearly every single SOC-based ability I have ever created. Plus a couple I came up with during dev, and at least one stolen from a 2.0 character I had nothing to do with, and a couple that never saw public release.

SOC-based character abilities are a bit of a lost art. They're universally jank, and there's literally no reason to use them now that we have Lua. After Sunset Over Chaos though, I just had to give it one last go. I like to think Re:Overdrive is a celebration of the hours wasted on pre-2.1 SOC, losing track of numbers and not remembering what anything does after coming back a week later.

A stupid premise for a stupid wad for a stupid character. Now let's embrace the cringe. Here's what Re:Overdrive can do:


  • Your Twilight Step will protect you from damage as long as you're moving! This includes hazards such as lava, though nothing will save you from the instakill of crushers and death pits.
  • The Zero Bubble will appear when you're underwater, protecting you from both damage and drowning.
Jump Abilities:

  • Pressing Jump while in the air in most situations will perform a Sunset Thok. This move will prevent you from losing height, and you will recurl after using it, so you can spam it to your heart's content. Its base speed is fast enough to trigger Twilight Step.
  • Pressing Jump while near the ground will call upon the ancient power of a Rosy Rascal, and perform an Armageddon Hammer Vault. You will trigger an armageddon explosion, and be flung into the air. You'll recurl at the peak of your jump, so you can chain it into any of your other moves.
  • Pressing Jump while near a wall, or else Sunset Thokking into a wall will channel the forgotten power of a Drifting Swordsman, and perform a Walljump. You can chain walljumps of course.
  • Holding back while performing a Sunset Thok will invoke that same power to perform Final Diamond Cracker. You will launch towards the ground at high speed, and shatter spacetime on impact.
  • Tapping the spin key after recurling from any other ability will channel a power that still remains in this world, and execute a Nova Flare Jump. You'll fly into the air for a second or so, while roasting anyone unfortunate enough to be below you. At the end of the move you'll recurl again, and can even chain into another Nova Flare Jump.
  • Lastly, attempting to thok while any enemy, monitor or unfortunate spring are in range will use Overdrive's own power to perform Void Slash, annihilating it entirely.
Spin Abilities:

  • Tapping the spin key while moving quickly in most circumstances, will call upon an unreleased power that since been Reborn into this world, executing an SE Boost. You will instantly accelerate up to max speed. If you're going too slow, you'll just do a normal spindash, so judge your speed carefully!
  • Tapping the spin key while moving quickly near rings, or else Sunset Thokking near rings will execute the ancient forgotten art of Lightspeed Dash. You will instantly collect any rings in your path, and exit in a recurl.
  • Pressing the spin key while standing still will call rings to you using Spark Call. This one's vaguely based on an old Inazuma thing but I didn't have anything to do with that SOC so I feel kinda weird about putting it here.
  • Last but certainly not least, pressing any movement key during Spark Call will perform a Goddamn Chaos Control. You will teleport a short distance forward, going through any walls in your way. Be very careful with this one, it's easy to get stuck in control sectors, or other weird places you're not supposed to be.
  • Pressing the spin key again during Spark Call will let you Goddamn Chaos Control downwards. This should enable you to break into most alt-character routes.
All said and done, I'm pretty sure this is about as far as I can go with just Thokitem, Spinitem, Revitem and Followitem. Lots of ideas I've had since I was a teen and finally got to use, all tangled together in a delicate mess of objects and timers. I'm pretty sure something will break if you breath on it wrong.


For the record they could totally beat HMS123311 in a fight now.


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I like how it turned out.
I seem to have a thing for boss characters becoming playable.

That being said, I think you should make springs untargetable or indestructible for Void Slash...
Then again Re:Overdrive doesn't need springs to move around...

QUICK EDIT: I read the original post again and now I see that you intended for this to happen.


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And I just finished S.O.C yesterday...
Well, this is a great hurrah to SOC coding! You can really just mash jump and win...


When the imposter SUS
Even hyper sonic is not that strong.. Eggman its OVER! EVEN METAL ROBOTNIK WILL NOT STOP ME! lol he can easily beat bosses with one simple attack like you were a... GOD?
this was a really fun and stupidly powerful character. and personally i kinda like it. i love the way you integrated all these different type of moves into one without it getting to cluttered. so good job.


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Ah yes, the skills can be used with Sonic too. Bru j

Edit: I found out it was the BuddyEx making things buggy lol
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