Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.5] - Pre-V5 Content Update

[Open Assets] Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.5] - Pre-V5 Content Update 4.5

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so i read ur story and... damn thats some backstory at least you got experience (unlike a certain golden statue who i wont call cus you know who it is) and i would never have motivation to do all you did so yeah gg bro for all you got trough


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(unlike a certain golden statue who i wont call cus you know who it is)

Hmmm... Is it M A R I A?


Rafael44642 updated Rafael (REMAKE!) [v4.4] - The Super Redesign Update with a new update entry:

v4.5 changelog (not v5???)

Really sorry for taking like.. 1 year to update? Unfortunately this isn't version 5, what a shock! But I've decided to post it anyways as this version contains the contents included in v5 in their beta states. (and also because I didn't want you guys to wait any longer) And while the version's already outdated, 2.1 Rafael got updated with the new sprites and some bug fixes as well.

V4.5. :
- Character was resprited, as well as added some new sprites.
- Removed the secret emote.
- Updated support to SRB2P and Kirby. (still in...

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