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Piko On!
Amy doesn't have her hammer this time around, but her attacks are based around the one thing she can do in Frozen Hillside. Want a hug?


Hug Attack: Press spin on the ground to hug the air. If a nearby enemy comes in contact with you, they'll blow up and generate hearts. Use this to break walls, floors, and spikes!

Hug Cancel: Press spin while hugging to cancel it.

Clap Attack: Press spin mid-air to clap, you'll be invulnerable when preparing to clap. Use this to break walls, floors, and spikes (somehow).

Known Issues​

Nothing at the moment!


Nothing at the moment!

Credit to Tatsuru for the PLAYER hugging script.


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D00D64 says this works. I'll take his word for it. Welcome to releases.


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This mod is very fun! But there is a problem please forgive me if I sound rude. Amy doesn't have a double jump attack, maybe instead of pressing jump and spin to do clap we can also do it by jumping twice? Because if I want to do the clap with the shield she instead does the shield ability. And others like the Elemental shield kinda messes with the hug lua.
Other than that, what I said earlier this amy is the best! Keep it up!


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