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OK I forgot to show you this before the 2.0 update... Well here it is
funni wall run 1.gif
funni wall run 2.gif
funni wall run 3.gif
i found these 3 bugs in 1 playthrough
I might redo this mods sprites from scratch would you guys like that if I did or are you guys fine with the current ones?
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it would be cool if sonic had the dashmode while wallrunning too
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Oh, okay.
I still have 2.0, so I guess I can go back to that from time to time.
Though, if I'll be honest, I loved both sprite and art versions.

This thread is just like most of the Sonic fan base, never satisfied! (/lh /nm)
his hands are backwards in his falling sprites, and it has always been like this.
it would be funny if he randomly just quoted the part where hes head to head with metal (literally)
Oh wow surprised to see you revert to the old sprites, I thought the new ones were really good, I liked seeing OVA Sonic in more or less the SRB2 sprite style, I thought the wall run animation in particular looked really good. The old sprites are still great, I do like both though so I'm happy either way.
The criticism I have is the side profile sprites' eye shapes are inconsistent with every other angle usually. And with the 2.0 pixel style the spines in side profile were a little too short. Otherwise great mod! I played through all Creative Worlds with it yesterday and liked it a lot.
so I found this other creator that has code for wall running on the side of the wall not just up so maybe you can ask her to lead you the code to make ova sonic better :D
  • Author@Princess Plushima <-- that's her link

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