Ova Sonic

[Open Assets] Ova Sonic v2.1

- Added command variables "Ova_help" to help players better understand how to play Ova Sonic
- Re-added v1.1's sprites do to a high amount of complaints and cleaned up a few of them
- Updated the Superspin to have forward momentum to it instead of just coming to a halt when performed.
- Wallrunning is no longer automatic and now has to be activated with the spin button near a wall.
-Updated and changed all of the sprites from hand drawn to pixelart (So that would be an overhaul on sprites.)
(Also it only took me less than a week to do.)
-Changed the peelout, curtesy of MotdSpork peelout script.
- added the dashmode back
- added super peelout
-Changed and cleaned up sprites
-Removed dashmode as it feels unnecessary to have.