The OLDC changes are mixed for me.

On the one hand, 6 months means that I have less time to experiment and look at criticism.

On the other, dealing with other things like game development, streaming, music design, and school is easier.



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thing I calculated for fun

Autumn OLDC stages- listed by linedef, sidedef, & vertex count
MAPSD - Alabaster Fountain - 23572LD 39348SD 18439V
MAPS6 - Shadow of Aztlan - 13845LD 25372SD 11655V
MAPSE - Gate Garden - 10497LD 18406SD 8954V
MAPS9 - Hakuryu Dojo - 10074LD 17880SD 8073V
MAPS4 - Pagoda Park - 8897LD 16700SD 6929V
MAPSF - Azlant Ruin - 8226LD 14617SD 6763V
MAPS7 - Square City - 7843LD 13810SD 6173V
MAPSC - Emerald Aether - 6440LD 12189SD 4615V
MAPSA - Overgrown Heights 2- 6346LD 10855SD 5246V
MAPS5 - Galactic Facility - 6223LD 9473SD 4983V
MAPS2 - Foliage Furnace - 5501LD 9087SD 4337V
MAPS8 - Dark Marsh - 4097LD 7195SD 3620V
MAPSB - Fatal factory - 3475LD 6001SD 2854V
MAPS3 - Knothole Coast - 2567LD 4420SD 1862V
MAPS1 - Aquatic Port - 2097LD 3151SD 1658V

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