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[Reusable] Music Template: 1.0

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A simple script that allows you to make some neat looking OST videos, just like the official ones! It's not exactly on par with the official videos as the level title card will show up instead of just having the SRB2 logo scale up with the level name and authors fading in.

While you could be a master hacker and go modify the text directly in the script, there are some console commands that allow you to modify the music name and other properties in real time:

mt_name <string>: Sets the name of the song. Remember to put quotes around the text if there's a space.

mt_act <integer>: Sets the act number. Set it to 0 if you don't want to have an act.

mt_zone <On/Off/0/1>: Sets whether or not you want "ZONE" to show up under the name.

mt_warning <On/Off/0/1>: Sets whether or not to use the boss red title cards.

mt_author <integer> <name>: Sets the name of the specified author. Leave the name blank to remove that author.
For exemple: "mt_author 1 "Sonic TH"" will set the first author's name to "Sonic TH", "mt_author 1" will remove author 1's name.
You can have up to 5 authors.

Once you're all set and done, press Custom 1 to launch the magic, you will be automatically brought into first person with your hud and crosshair disabled.
If you're done being cool, press Custom 2 to revert the effects.


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Super useful!... might use this next time if i make a original track

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question: is there a way to add custom music in-game?
if not, what i need to do to add it?

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Some Characters Don't Work

I'm trying to use Modern Sonic in sync with this mod (because he's my favorite character to use) and pressing the Custom Buttons will make him perform abilities, but they also try and turn the music on. This does not work well in the end. Is it possible that you could use a command to toggle it instead of buttons?

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