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The error has gained a mind of it's own.

Coming with a set of "glitches", it's MT_UNKOWN!

Ability 1: Jumps!
The jump system broke. UNKNOWN can jump forever!

Ability 2: Dash mode!
Run long enough and dash mode activates! Functions just like metal sonic's.

Ability 3: Debug(?)
Spawn an object with custom 1. A Risk/reward system!

Ability 4: Flipping!
Pressing custom 2 flips gravity for 2 seconds, with a 1 second cooldown.
Yes. The cooldown is smaller than the duration.


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The unreliable judge
There's enough effort in this with the silly little details like broken and reversed audio, and that one silly Lua ability, to be let into releases I'd say. It works.

The debug spawning could probably do with a larger pool of potential objects it could spawn though. Maybe a pity shield as an additional good outcome, or a more dangerous badnik like a Lance-a-bot as a bad outcome.

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