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The Engineer
Since the ULDC is on hold, i decided to release this map i made for it as i dont think the final result is quite what i hoped for. If the ULDC comes back im sure as hell gonna make a proper map for it.

Anyhow, heres Molten Industry. Who knew that eggman had a secret abandoned base in RVZ huh?
Filled to the brim with lava, fans and even conveyor belts, this map is gonna melt you down. imsorryidkhowtomakejokes

As of right now it currently features only 1 zone, i may decide to release more as time progresses though.

Heres some fun screenshots!




v1.1.1 - Fixed some unclimbable walls
- Fixed some unconnected vertices, causing visual and gameplay bugs
- Aligned a Ceiling light that went under my radar
- Changed player spawn positions
- Made a checkpoint easier to hit
- Toned down the colormap a bit

- Initial Release, nothing to see here fellas.

DylanDude#1286 - For the cool stage name.
Krabs/Sphere - For the 24hcollab, that originally inspired my map.

Floating Sonic doesnt exist he cant hurt you.
Floating Sonic:


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Any level with the RVZ texture set is guaranteed to be spicy, and this is no exception. The level is nothing too complex, but provides enough difficulty to be engaging (especially with Sonic). Starting conveyor usage earlier in the level would've made the fan gimmick slightly less monotone, but it's not a huge problem, as it never really got boring.

Welcome to Releases!
This month has been insane. SMS Reborn, Kirby, the Derp, Azure Paradise and now this?

To talk about the level itself, its great. I found myself really enjoying this one. The level design, gimmicks and enemy positions are done in a way so its tricky to navigate, but not impossible or unfair. It's a very pretty level to boot, and if I didn't know any better, I would have thought this was Red Volcano Act 2. Seriously, it feels that well done. I'm thoroughly impressed.
Just got finished completing this stage not too long ago! I found it an absolute blast to play through! The color mapping/color tint is interesting. I don't think it's bad or anything but is very pinkish. I can still get behind it though. I liked the level a lot, and I wish I had a lot more to say. There were set pieces I enjoyed and I know I would love to play this one once again.

I suppose if I had any criticism, it would probably be that I feel like the fan mechanic introduced isn't developed enough. Something about its implementation feels very surface level, though that doesn't mean that I dislike its inclusion. I just wish that there was more to it that there currently was. Then again that might just be me.

Either way, I liked it! I look forward to see more things that you might create :D
I really enjoyed this! The gimmick was used well granted the fan can be odd sometimes

The overall theming was great and it looks fantastic. The conveyor belt sections were my highlight of this pack - so simple but keeps you on your toes.
So I'm having trouble accessing this. I saved it into the same folder as the rest of my levels, yet I cant access it when beginning the game. Any idea why?

FYI all my levels are in the addons folder, and they're all accessible in the game atm.
Update - Hotfix

Wee Woo

Hotfix time.

- Fixed some unconnected vertices, causing visual and gameplay bugs
- Aligned a Ceiling light that went under my radar
- Changed player spawn positions
- Made a checkpoint easier to hit
- Toned down the colormap a bit

If there's anything i missed or broke then please leave a comment in the thread.
It's a pretty good level. I like the colormap you used and how you mixed factory theme with Red Volcano so well.
My only problem with this level are the fan sections, they aren't fun at all. I don't know what to say about these, honestly it was really boring getting through them. Maybe I just hate the fan gimmick.
I think if the fans were a lot faster they would probably improve the sections that utilize them a significant amount
Nice, I love the Vulcano base theme and you pulled it off well with both the visuals and the level design. Very good level.
Phew, it's tough to get the right momentum in speed and height to get trough the fan sections.
Just finished this. Pretty tough stage, all things considered!

I liked the combined theming of lava and industry; you utilized both to their advantage thematically and in the level itself. I like the level's main gimmick of using the air ducts to platform.

Speaking of which, the level would benefit from a bit more room to breathe and practice the mechanic before throwing the player into the deep end. Basically, unless my memory fools me, the first place where the ducts are suspended above lava. Their first appearance should be in a section where you have to use one or more to proceed, but in a safe, death-free zone.

This video is a good reference for how to do so:

"Super Mario 3D World's 4-step Level Design"

It talks about Mario levels, but it's still very applicable here.

Either way, great level! Very well thought out.
I really enjoyed this! I had a bit of frustration with the fan mechanic since a lot of the jumps you had to make with it are pretty precise, and the "hitbox" of the fans is hard to make out even with the particles. It would probably be better if the fans launched you higher. Also, those electrical floors never really provided any challenge but always got me since they blended in with the regular floors. Anyway, I'm really glad you decided to turn your room into its own map.
Very neat level! I have a few texture-related complaints, though. First, it's not always clear which walls are climbable and which ones aren't - I thought I figured out which was which at first, but it seemed to switch around from room to room. Second, yeah, the damage floors don't look like they'd hurt you and they always blindsided me whenever they came up. Third, it would be nice if the zoom tubes had some kind of indicator around their entrances, maybe a strip of danger stripes.
Absolutely loved this! The only thing that brought down my experience was a bug at this checkpoint. srb20059.gif Otherwise, everything about this level screams quality and effort into making it a fun experience.

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