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First of all,Thanks to bianca for the original Rocket metal


this character has been unfinished for months but someone had to finish it

Homing Thok,Spindash and Hover
Note:the abilities are subject to change ,So don't fall in love with his current moveset.

To do:
Dirk frozen sprites, New moves to replace Spindash and homing attack (i don't have a single idea for a ability but Let me learn lua first)

Thanks to:
Bianca (Original creator of the mod)
Simon_T (Beta testing)


Supporters / CoAuthors



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Cool, finally I've been waiting for this.
May I give a ability suggestion?
Rocket Boost
Because he is rocket Metal, instead of gliding make it so he basically spin dash in the air, allowing him to zip quickly.
he can slowly descend while charging, and while the Move is active he fall slower, but he will have to land unlike normal metal.
Another way to describe it, is that it would be a like Kirby's Jet ability.
He could also store his boost in for when you want to use it for later, like jumping pushing spin in the air, and pressing jump again, as a example.
Rocket Jump
Goes with the storing mechanic, if you jump while pressing jump again will allow you to use the boost for Super jump/Rocket jump.

These are all just suggestions if you still don't have anything in mind, but hopefully these will help in some way, fell free to touch up on any of the ideas I laid down to fit in the game better, as these are pretty loose ideas I thought would be cool.

But ether way I'm excited to se what abelites you might come up with, best of luck to you!

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now that this character can be worked on again, i hope from Jeck to update his own Rocket Metal model for this


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I remember Making a Video a couple months ago when it was not finished but something doesn't feel right. When I tap spin back then it did a op charge then it blast with epic speed but it doesn't show it anymore. Here's the Video to see what I'm taking about
That's a different mod from Inazuma. He hasn't publicly put it here on the message board, though.


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Inazuma actually finished it with separate abilities months ago.
It seems like other people took a shot at it as well.
I want to see both released :V


Nice. I've been using an unofficial port for a while. Good to see this finally released.

For a new ability suggestions, how about abilities centered around his rockets? Instead of a spindash, he could have an instant boost. For his second jump abilities, maybe a short dash in the direction you're holding? It would be useful as a dodge or to correct a jump.


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I know Inazuma has his own version of this but this.. He can become a rocket. amazing...


The unofficial port actually has a pretty cool move set. (I was a little disappointed to learn this official port didn't have it. lol)

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