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This map pack includes 13 race maps in 3 cups and 2 hell maps so far.

Other than that. Enjoy and report issues here or to me directly (im on the Kart Krew discord btw!)

Also a special thanks to my friends for suggestions and Playtesting!

- Snail Cup -

MAPK0 - Umbrella Rushwinds - A Rainy and windy valley that'll sweep you off your feet if you aren't too careful. This wet course is 2 laps.

MAPK1 - Verdant Raceway - Crafted to make drifts into corners much more satisfying. This generic green raceway has a few tricks ups its sleeve to keep you on your toes. Also 3 laps

MAPK2 - Autumn Ring - A Beautiful and secluded track in the middle of autumn... What more could you ask for?! 2 laps

MAPK3 - Sky Babylon Zone - Dangerous and infamous. It's Sky Babylon from Sonic Rush Adventure. This map isn't for weenies. 2 laps

MAPK4 - Azure Paradise Zone K - The Mystical yet calm Azure Paradise is personally my favourite map in my match maps. This map takes some cues from my SUGOI 3 map to keep it interesting and spicing up the gameplay. 3 laps and it's a Sprint track.

- Beetle Cup -​

MAPK5 - Roasted Ruins Zone - Weave through pillars and hazards on the smooth roads that go down and up steep inclines so pay attention or you'll get stuck in the sand, this curvy zone is 3 Laps

MAPK6 - Panic City Zone - Tall buildings tower over you as you navigate through a portion of Panic city, This big place is a 3 lapper!

MAPK7 - Molten Manor - Time to heat things up! This hot course has a bit of everything, From the sweltering tight insides of the manor to jumping from open cliffs just avoiding the lava below. This bad boy is a 2 lapper.

MAPK8 - Toxic Tundra - Race through the tight and slippery corridors of this abandoned factory near a Nuclear plant without slipping into the toxic pools. This huge place is a long 2 lapper!

MAPK9 - Hazardous Cavens Zone - Watch your step! These thin roads in an underground cavern will test claustrophobic people and your reflexes to the limit. No weenies allowed in this dangerous 3 lapper.

- MK Special Cup -​
no this isnt my hell cup

MAPKA - Lake Magorite 2 - Lake is back! with a slightly new layout. The layout now branches out down to a sandy road surrounded by salty waters!. Since the layout has been slightly extended, Lake sits at 2 laps for now.

- MK Hell -

MAPKY - Lake Margorite Classic - Due to popular demand, the very first layout that was made with jank slope physics and the OG super tight spiral. Is now included in the pack. 3 laps duh

MAPKZ - Verdant Raceway Classic - It's pretty much the same old Verdant raceway with thinner roads, the original shortcut and more
  • Azure paradise has some janky waypoints in some areas. Still complete-able

- Inital Release

- No more SOC errors on load up
- Fixed some textures

- Minor changes to Azure Paradise
- Deglue™

General Changes
- There's now 1 Record attack Ghost on each map by myself, Try and beat my times!
- Names on the MUSICDEF lumps are much more accurate [thank TAG for that]
Map changes
- Verdant Raceway has more stripes, 1st S turn is now opened up abit more and has better checkpoints/waypoints.
- Sky Babylon has a 'safety' route if you fall down the holes on the 1st section
- Azure Paradise K got a new Custom palette and some additional deco towards the end
- Lake Margorite's 1st corner is now wider and the Glue™ on the sand is non-existent as well as some minor visual tweaks

- New map - Panic city
- Lake has a much smoother gradient on the 2nd spiral and that section is wider too. Also the boost pads have been moved
- Verdant's Cut has been nerfed and some boost pads have been added
- Autumn's final cut has been blocked off, the boost pad at the start is gone and some slope physics adjustments
- Babylon's boost pads have been adjusted
- Azures Cuts have been nerfed, the waypoints are now much more consistent and some misplaced flowers have been adjusted
- Unessesary glue removed from all maps
- Replays have been removed for now
- Shortened file name
- Probably some more stuff but i forgot :S

- Lake Margorite Zone has been removed due to it being added into vanilla! A replacement is due shortly
- Autumn ring no longer has a colourmap and uses a custom palette for better FPS
- All maps have normal offroad now
- Map slots have been moved

- New map - Umbrella Rushwinds Zone to replace Lake Margorite Zone
- In Panic City - Nerfed the Speed pads slightly and removed some glue
- Probably some more I missed

- New Maps - Molten Manor & Lake Margorite 2.
- All maps have Community map pack adverts.
- All maps have Fresh and new Start/finish line banners.
- Umbrella Rushwinds had its trees hitbox shrunk, the final sloped corner has its physics removed and the Lap count is down to 2 now.
- Autumn Ring has different item box placement to make it much more spread out around the map, the slope going out of the tunnel tree thing is much smoother, the Banked S turn after the bridge has now got additional offroad on the inside of the corner, oh and the trees have a smaller hitbox.
- Sky Babylon's offroad (finally) is weaker and some walls have been added to prevent people from getting SPB'd to the top route again.
- Azure Paradise has some more arrows to help with directions, less glue on a major cut and the music file loops correctly.
- Panic City's major cut has been nerfed, the 'Mouse-hole' cut is gone and the checkpoints should be more consistent towards the end.
- Probably some more I missed

skipped 2 versions lol

- New Maps - Roasted Ruins, Hazardous Caverns & Verdant Raceway Classic [Hell]
- URZ [Umbrella Rushwinds] - Purple outlines have been added to the spiral to help with directioning and the last cut has been buffed slightly.
- VRZ [Verdant Raceway] - New skybox has been added.. yeah that's it.
- AR [Autum Ring] - New music, the corner just before the bridge has its slope physics moved higher on the slope and the banked corner after the bridge has a Speed-pad Strip rather than a single speed-pad.
- SBZ [Sky Babylon] - The direction arrows are now Purple so they stand out better.
- APZ [Azure Paradise] - On the 2nd spiral the arrows are now visible and full bright. Some floor just after the forest section has been lowered to create more room and an additional checkpoint has been added on the final stretch if you happen to die somehow.
- PCZ [Panic City] - Waypoint issue should now be fixed and the warehouse cut exit is now normal road rather than light offroad.
- MMZ [Molten Manor] - The Sneaker pannel under the table has been swapped out for a speed pad for balance purposes, the yellow springs have been removed on the split path to reduce slowdown, tweaked encore pal as well as some additional deco here and there.
- LMZ2 [Lake Margorite 2] - Water skip is gone :crab:, some fixes to slopes so they dont slingshot you into the lake, some walls have been fixed. slightly altered layout towards the middle section.
- Probably some more i missed

- HCZ [Hazardous Cavenrs] - Some springs have been removed to prevent cheese on the 1st cut and the booster near the pannel cut has been moved.
- RRZ [Roasted Ruins] - The first set of items have been moved higher so you don't miss it if you perfect boost
- AR [Autumn Ring] - Fixed up a hole visible just before the bridge

- New Map - Toxic Tundra
- All maps should all have brighter Boost Pad sectors for better visibility
- URz [Umbrella Rushwinds] - Added an extra Boost pad near the 1st wind section and removed dirt cut.
- VRz [Verdant Raceway] - Skybox now makes use of the new Horizon effect
- MMz [Molten Manor] - Removed the cut when you exit the Manor
- HCz [Hazardous Caverns] - Made adjustments to the layout to reduce the cheapness
- LMz2 [Lake Margorite 2] - Changed some physics on some slopes to prevent lift-off and the map id has been adjusted [MAPKZ -> MAPKA]
- VRC [Verdant Raceway Classic] - The map id has been adjusted [MAPKX -> MAPKZ]

- New Map - Lake Margorite Classic ...yay
- Updated 'Freeslots in use' list
- VRz [Verdant Raceway] - Adjusted some slopes
- AR [Autumn Ring] - Changed some the slopes at the last corner and the Signs are now Papersprite things
- SBz [Sky Babylon] - Now has teal accented textures for added decoration, Ramps to sloped corners have been ditched for spring panels, Sloped corners are smoother and have teal slopes to keep you on track, buffed the cut at the end and 'expanded the playable area'
-APz [Azure Paradise] - Slightly different texture variant all over the map to make it look colorful, adjusted the ramp before the 2nd lap so it doesn't launch you to pluto and nerfed final cut slightly
- RRz [Roasted Ruins] - The sloped boost at the start is no longer sloped and the cut towards the end has less offroad
- MMz [Molten Manor] - Slightly adjust the section before the table making it optional to go on the table or not
- TTz [Toxic Tundra] - Brightened up the insides, removed some ice in some places.
- HCz [Hazardous Caverns] - Adjust some brightness in some areas.
- Semi Future proofed

- URz [Umbrella Rushwinds] - Removed the pit over the wind section due to checkpoint placement.
- Probably some more i missed on

- LMz [Lake Margorite & 2] - Removed fences on the shortcut and made water look nicer
- URz [Umbrella Rushwinds] - Removed the final cut
- VRz [Verdant Raceway] - Removed cut, instead i've widen the corner on the inside. of the 1st hairpin
- ARz [Autumn Ring] - Shrunk the Width of the Tree and Sign sprites as well as improved the Custom palette
- SBz [Sky Babylon] - Added a few more barriers on the inside of 2 corners to prevent cheese
- APz [Azure Paradise] - Used the 2.2 texture set, changed the Custom Palette and added both moons
- RRz [Roasted Ruins] - Removed the cheese on the cuts
- PCz [Panic City] - Added small slope to prevent falling between the gaps of the buildings as well as removed the glue in the warehouse
- MMz [Molten Manor] - The lava looks good now, thats literally it.
- Probs some more jazz i forgot to mention

-HCZ [Hazardous Caverns] - Fixed final jump if shrink is active

- Removed all rings.
- URz [Umbrella Rushwinds] - Fixed exploit
- VRz [Verdant Raceway] - Extended the layout. Its now a 3 lapper
- ARz [Autumn Ring] - 2nd to last corner off road has been levelled with the road as well as visual clean up after the bridge
- SBz [Sky Babylon] - Spiral has a much smoother gradient and an additional wall to prevent accidental slips
- APz [Azure Paradise] - 🦀Final cut is gone🦀
- PCz [Panic City] - Added a ramp near the warehouse.
- MMz [Molten Manor] - Made the Speed pad under the dinning table weaker since it was significantly faster.
- TTz [Toxic Tundra] - Removed glue.

1910 - Autumn Tree
2203 - Tiny Cyan Flower
4035 - Cyan Flower
1911 - Umbrella Tree 1
1912 - Umbrella Tree 2
1913 - URZ Berry bush
1914 - URZ Bush
1915 - URZ Flower
1916 - URZ Sunflower
1917 - URZ Tulip
1918 - URZ Bluebell
1919 - URZ Wind effect
1920 - Autumn Sign Right
1921 - Autumn Sign Left


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Welcome to releases! Though, the game did put up some warnings about SOC when I added the file. It didn't seem to impact the maps, but still, take a look at it.


How the turns have tel- tab-
You're right, MK. I'll get the stuff tonight, alright? You know where to find me.

Thank god, no more glue in bad spots


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Update!! 18/4/19

Quite a few improvements have been made, check the OP for more deatils!


Amazing level pack and me and my friends love every one of them. The color pallette and theming is spot on and every one of them is enjoyable.


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Encountered a missing death sector here.



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Bruh SFX #2

That map is from Nightmare Pack


So sorry!! I confused it with one of your maps, thank you for letting me know.
(Turns out the bug was actually fixed too, which makes this even more embarrassing. The server must have been running an older version.)
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HAHA nuggie go E

So sorry!! I confused it with one of your maps, thank you for letting me know.
(Turns out the bug was actually fixed too, which makes this even more embarrassing. The server must have been running an older version.)

Biggest OOF.


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1.5 update

New update which now includes this bad boy!

check OP for more details!


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Big boy update which has this! Read the OP for more deaaatails!

lake 2

Molten manor

Prime 2.0

That molten manor shot looks really great. Hope I run into it online whenever I get my gamecube controller adapter working again!

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