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man i really like your maps, your pack has a vast majority of themes and a good difficult curve. always inclined to play in one of your maps in netgames. As of the recent update i have few thigns to point minor stuff

Emerald Coast -
The first cut with a turn to the left, is a bit difficult to see the direction and the lenght of the offroad vs the driveable road
the turn into the springs is really really weird and even if i get it right at first time lacks something else to point that you must go there, feels like a dead end when youre reaching it.

Inferno Citadel -
the turn before the path split with the offroad in the left and an arrow pointing to the right clearly said that going right is the right direction but but the arrow points to a wall and the offroad isnt that clear to be offroad can see much people taking the wrong direction

Metallic Hallways -
the conveyor belt turn, i took the wrong direction twice until i realized i should go right, something about the direction it goes, had a big feeling that was the right direction and what got me the most was the lonely sneaker panel that most of the time are located in the outside of the turns a arrow would help a lot there.
and next and last the diagonal springs cut, is a nice cut, i like it but is so easy to miss it, not totally your fault since vanilla springs arent that good for kart, but i had to try 4 times until i realized i shouldnt press any directional button to make it work and even then when on groun again theres more springs to place you back to the track that can be really messy

other than that these are neat cozy maps good texture and readbility even if few smol issues always love your work.
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This pack does a really good job of creating very organic feeling environments, which not only look beautiful, but are a pleasure to race on.
The sloped, winding layouts are somewhat uncommon in kart, and allow for a sense of flow that really makes these maps memorable.

Peak kart imo
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The gold standard of kart course packs. Everything here is very good and Umbrella Rushwinds is probably my favorite map in the entirety of v1.
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Masters Pack has consistently been one of my favorite map packs since release. Azure Paradise K is by far the best sprint map in Kart without exaggeration, and tracks like Umbrella Rushwinds and Autumn Ring are beautiful and varied.

What really makes this pack a 5 for me, though, is how versatile the maps are. These maps play great in regular races, friendmod, combi, wipezones, you name it. The music choices are all consistently classy, too.

Something to keep in mind that isn't inherently positive or negative is that these tracks really run the difficulty gamut. Hazardous Caverns and Sky Babylon are both hard as fuck but still feel pretty fair, while Autumn Ring and Verdant Raceway are great tracks to cool off on.
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A great set of maps that have withstood the test of time and remain really popular in netgames even to this day! Especially good are the environments in each map and spruced up by the sometimes obscure (and this is a good thing) music choices!

Azure Paradise K is the crown jewel of the pack, but the quality is consistent across all the maps. Some of the maps, though, take a few tries to get used to their layouts and rare, but present, blind turns, especially in the harder maps.
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