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Late 2015 DSZ2 remake attempt (vsl_dsz2toast_v1.wad) 1


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I was originally hired into STJr as a level designer; while my cleanup/extensions passes to DSZ1 and ACZ2 were pretty relevant, and Final Demo Zone was ultimately unused in its entirety, this is the only substantial evidence that I could create completely original map design and gimmicks. What gimmicks? I'll leave that for you to discover!


Nev3r had previously created a few rooms, all of which were never directly connected to these ones and have been cleaned up on their request. They're still credited because of the waterfall particles and alpha versions of the DSZ textureset, though.

Other than that, the only modifications to this map since the start of 2016 were to update the scripts to compatibility with 2.2's release builds (including sound captions), the removal of thok barriers, some rocks to allow you to travel from the lower path to the upper path, and an exit sector to be able to pass through Releases.

I hope you enjoy this look back into 2.2's pre-slope development!

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Wow, this definitely plays different from what we currently have.
Lovely sprite-based waterfalls, and the Timed Pushable Gargoyles gimmicks were neat, but I can see why they didn't make the cut.
Hey, this looks familiar!

Haha, it's nice to be able to play it. Too bad it's so short, though.

And personally, I like timed gimmicks like this here and in Sandopolis and I wish it was kept in the game in some form. Oh well, there's always Dark City and Grand Eggship.
If i can create a wad into Message Board, i can put SRB2 old zones "remake"
Why im talking about that?
I dont know...
God, these old textures look so blocky, it hurts.

Regardless, It's always cool to see indev stuff like this, and with 2.2's long development cycle, I can imagine a lot of stuff being put on the cutting room floor.

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