Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.5 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.6.X]

[Level Pack] Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.5 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.6.X] 1.6

Kart Rev has been updated to Version 1.3.10, with a patch intended to remove major skips and significant cuts in 3 courses.

Please see the Public Documentation for a full list of changes.
See below post, but this statement still applies.

As a word from here on out... updates will happen much less frequently. I am in the process of pushing this project into a formal maintenance mode so I can focus my time into other projects. While I do not currently have an immediate timeline for sunsetting the project just yet, the majority of what I have set out to do has been completed. Thank you for supporting Kart Rev.
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Reverted to 1.3.10. Evidently despite some testing on my end it seems Hidden Maps are getting pushed to main rotation. I do not currently have the time to fix this so I will instead just rollback to the previous version and take a look at sometime in the future.
Got stuck here on Silvercloud after taking the blue spring shortcut.

Looking at the 1.1.4 changelog, though, I'm not sure if this was fixed at some point, but the server I was playing on didn't have any revisions to Silvercloud Island Zone.
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Gunla updated Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.2 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.4.X] with a new update entry:

Version 1.4


Thank you for waiting, being patient, all of you sending me reports and various tidbits of things to look out for. I am a lot busier than when I first made Rev with the crew. But nonetheless we continued our work and thus, I am very happy to announce that Kart Rev 1.4 is now available. While I will continue to look at reports and may provide updates in the future (and pending hotfixes, hoping there's very few!) - consider this the final major version of Rev. This project has...

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As of Kart version 1.4 and onwards the music for Black Bliss is broken when using this mod

This is most likely due to the fact that patch.kart (where the music for the track was called from) was merged with maps.kart in 1.4 and the file structure was altered slightly along with it

Also this mod overwrites the texture revamp given to Kodachrome Void in Kart 1.4
alphaRexJames updated Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.3 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.4.X] with a new update entry:

Version 1.6

Kart Rev 1.6 is now available. This is a compatibility release for Kart 1.5, and thus contains no additional map changes at the moment.

Please see the Overview page for public documentation and changes. Notable changes include:
  • All maps that have received fixes in vanilla 1.5 equivalent to those that were found in Rev have been removed from the addon.
  • Removal of the VL Version of Kart Rev. Server hosts that still wish to hide Kodachrome Void from the map rotation can do so...

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