Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.5 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.6.X]

Kart Rev - A SRB2Kart V1.5 Base Game Maps Modification [v1.6.X] 1.6

Everyone always has problems with certain vanilla maps, let's be honest. There are even certain exploits that can make playing them on public servers annoying in case some player doesn't want to play fair. This pack is meant to mitigate those problems as best as it can.

The team behind taking feedback and actually making adjustments to enhance the multiplayer experience for the vanilla maps as best they can. They are open to hearing directly to folks who have issues. Sure, people may not always agree with their balance changes (myself included on some very minor aspects), but overall they have a great track record. The documentation on all of the changes are also super appreciated. I feel like the changes made to rev should be the standard use for the vanilla maps going forward, even if you run a server that doesn't use any custom maps.
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Another 'No-Brainer' mod to have in your server

The changes made really polish up the whole experience for kart with out substantially changing the maps.

Some changes I do feel funny about but I'd be way to nitpicky :S
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