Day 1 Patch V1.0.1
Modern Sonic Support has been added to the pack, simply download the patch and replace your files with the new ones. Or download the full v1.0.1 fresh.


For the nerds- MSONIC.md3 and MODELS.dat the only two updated files.

These are not my fault, and it's no use complaining in this thread about them.
-Skincolor bug; the game gets confused and applies the wrong recolored texture on a model, and sometimes even sprites. It's my understanding this bug has been corrected, just not in time for 2.2.1, it'll come eventually.
-NiGHTs mode rotations on custom characters; NiGHTs requires a separate lump in characters wads for models to rotate correctly. Character creators, see the vanilla cast's files and check for "SPRTINFO." Add one to your character if you want it's model to not look like an Arwing.
-Fang; due to naming conflicts, if you switch renderers to OGL after launching in software, the playable Fang will use his sprites rather than the model. Your game must launch in OGL to use Fang's Model.
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Keep in mind the Modern Sonic model wont work in V2 of Modern Sonic, I'll have the patch out shortly though so you can all enjoy the work Jeck has put into the model.

Edit: Version 3 is live. Use that wonderful model to your hearts content.
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Fang model doesn't load

EDIT: I've read the post there, uh, I'm dumb. Anyways nice little models once again. That thing happens with Eggpack as well
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Here's the whole MD2 dat. This is a quick replay so fast copy and paste.4

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Well that sure was spammy.
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You mean you forgot Dirk, I mean not to play favorites but Dirk is good...
I mean I think Ray, Dirk, etc. will be added eventually. Shadow, Mighty when they're released. Probably every character in the old saturn pack would be nice to have, though they arent on the MB yet, so we'll wait for them to get released, and then for Jeck Jims to update his pack.

Ray and Dirk already exist so they MIGHT be being worked on, since this is not a port, but an improvement. The new models will be better than the old ones. ~~that and 2.1 models don't work very well with 2.2~~
Yeah, what snoopi said.
I think he may also do models for more vanilla things, like rings (for those who can run it, probably have people who want it add something to their models.dat to use ring models), flickies/pigs/rick/any_animals
maybe background objects will get models (like trees or sunflowers), other misc stuff. I think signposts will probs get a model.

I think this might just be a problem with modern monitors itself, honestly. Monitorception.
how did you get those adventure boxes?

They were mentioned, but I think they would have to replace the classic models to load in properly.

(P.S: those are modern monitors, not just adventure monitors.)
I'm in love with these models, man. And with dropshadows?



I could say to someone that this was part of an unreleased campaign mode for Sonic Jam, and they'd believe me.