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Just ran into a problem with icyln not being able to toggle her skates in chaos mode as well as her skating not working. With a side of sigsegvs when spawning as her.
..Not sure what Chaos Mode is.

Ok scratch that in every other mode outside pvp wise those problems are applied as well ( even vanilla ones like race for some reason) I just checked and see if it wasn't just chaos mode.
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It seems like it happens when a game starts with any other mode that you have to manually spawn in, is when she just doesn't seem to work properly. Just tested coop 1st then switched to match and she worked just fine. However I when I do match 1st. She breaks the moment she spawns in.
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Her spin and jump abilities work fine regardless. Just the 2 custom buttons not working
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i find it to be funny that out of everything shown in iclyn's trailer, the one thing she can't do is throw snowballs
to be honest, i think it'd make a fine way to temporarily stun enemies and other players if you're feeling a little bit devious. it'd go well with milne's ability to throw other players to do a little bit of trolling
Just to say, Milne is like my #1 Favorite character to play as in online servers, but the thing is, I'm not pretty sure why though..

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