HorizonChars v1.1.1 - Sharper & Slicker

Milne the Crystal Fox

Milne uses crystal powers and raw strength to take out her foes! She might not be able to spindash, but she can toss crystals at her enemies!

Shard Toss - Primary Ability, Spin

Press Spin while grounded to toss three crystals forward. After a few seconds, the crystals slow down and shatter.

Twister Thok - Secondary Ability, Double Jump


Double Jump to get a burst of speed and height! If you press jump again, you can thok downwards. When you do this, Milne will spin like a top and you can hit your enemies from any angle. This ability goes by your momentum, so if you don't move at all you can use it as a normal double jump. The second thok will boost you higher off of springs.

Lift - Third Ability, Press Spin while next to an enemy or player

Milne can pick up enemies, monitors, and springs! Go next to them and press Spin, and Milne will lift them up. Pressing Spin again will toss them. There's a small chance you can make a chain when tossing Badniks. In Co-op, Milne can pick up players too! They will be curled into a ball, so you can throw them at enemies. Lifting things can be disabled with the command milnegrief.

Crystal Lance - Fourth ability, Double tap Spin or press Custom 1


By pressing Spin twice or pressing Custom 1, Milne can lunge forward with a lance, allowing her to latch onto walls and break through spikes.

Weight - Passive ability


Due to being made out of crystals, Milne is heavier than the base cast. If she falls for long enough, she can create a shockwave harming all nearby enemies!

- alfredo fucked up and now skip isn't the only char who gets hurt by hugging
- that's all folks

- Crystal Lance infinity from Milne's Hyper form has been given to her Super form as well
- You can no longer pick up Banpyura springs or boosters
- The surface of acid no longer damages Milne, you now need to be submerged like every other character to get hurt
- Fixed console error relating to inflictor and damage
- Enabled picking up of bosses that have one HP left
- You can now dislodge unmovable statues from their resting place by picking them up
- Monitors respawning from Milne picking them up no longer applies to Coop, just like the vanilla behavior.
- Please don't hug Milne.

- Completely redone Milne's sprites and art.
- Added the Crystal Lance.
- Added support for the Kazotsky Kick to all vanilla characters.
- Visual tweaks, such as new Twister Thok graphics, Milne's core appearing when you die, and additional Carry sprites for running, falling, and jumping.
- Readded the weight mechanic.
- Several bug fixes
- Removed the Crystal Shield
- Milne can no longer breathe
- Added SRB2P support.
- Milne can now carry springs.
- No battle ability, go home.

- Removed the weight mechanic that totally never existed so we actually got rid of nothing hee hee hoo hoo
- Added an effect when you use the Crystal Toss
- New sound for when you hit an enemy with the Crystal Toss
- Milne can now lift monitors
- Added a sprite for failing tricks in XMomentum.
- Twister Thok tweaks

- Fixed the Steam Jets in THZ not boosting Milne properly.

- Milne is now a lot heavier, reflecting more accurately the fact that she's made entirely out of crystals. She now falls twice as fast, but can use her weight to crush enemies under her feet and cause shockwaves!
- Milne will now give Kirby an ability when copied
- Vertical grab range has been reduced
- Switching to another character while performing the Kazotsky Kick will now cancel it properly
- milneshield command has been added to allow toggling of Milne's shield gifting abilities
- Modified Milne's character select description.

- You can now pick up players that are in their Super form in Co-op
- The carrying animation now properly resets when something falls out of your hands
- Carried objects will now automatically be dropped if they get too far away from Milne
- Picking an object up now resets their rollangle
- You can no longer pick up Brak's Electric Barrier
- Picking up Minuses no longer turns them into a mound of dirt
- The milnegrief command no longer requires the player doing the command to be in a level
- The sound effect from using the Crystal Shield's ability can no longer be heard from everywhere

- Added Milne
- Removed Herobrine

LonelyFoxz, HattyBoyo - Sprites
RazeC - Sounds
SMS Alfredo, DreamiSkies, Frostiikin - Coders
Inazuma, Zolton, DrSteph, DerkTheMusky, Manujig, SpinSlash, Frostiikin, Kwiin, TrickyTex, RalphJeremy65 - Beta Testers
ordomandalore - 80% of the credit because you scaled down the CSS for me

We hope you enjoy the mod as much as we did making it!

Supporters / CoAuthors



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What do you get when you give a cute and well designed character great sprites and simple yet intricate and fun abilities? An amazing playable character!

Welcome to Releases!

thats it

aethers barber
I found a bug with Milne. Passing under a low ceiling while holding someone will cause them to not go under with you. For an example, if Metal breaks the spikes in his shortcut in a section of his race, and you go under it while holding Fang, Fang will get stuck and you will be holding nothing. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/357945601855586304/722159046148489226/srb20252.gif

Not sure if that's a problem with Milne. Whoever is above Milne is always meant to be above her, might be a SRB2 problem. I'll let SMS Alfredo know, though.
Found a bug during messing with Milne & Fang. When Milne throws Fang away when opening the capsule, she still stays in her hold-and-walking animation.
Very nice and fun character, though. One of the most fun thing I can do with Milne is Lift. I love this ability. Milne's design is well done! I also tried BCZ1 with her and it feels good to race Metal Sonic as her, while using the Double Thok and breaking spikes.
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She is awesome!

I think this is a really good fan character for srb2. I like her abilities and I also like the way she runs. But I would suggest adding more movement to her tail, similar how Tails's Tail moves.

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