Honey looks like shes cosplaying as an anime character color with brown hair lol
light dasher updated Honey The Cat with a new update entry:

New Honey Update! (Moveset tweaks)

It's been a while since I've touched Honey, but I decided to work on a small update to help de-clutter how Honey plays!


Honey can now pounce by jumping while in the air, instead of stomping!
That said, if you were used to using CB1+Spin to pounce in the air, you can still do that if you want.
Pounce now also only uses one wing and deals damage!
You can gain back wings by hitting an enemy, so you can chain them along if there are enough...​

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light dasher updated Honey The Cat with a new update entry:

Minor Hotfix

View attachment 71411

Slight hotfix pertaining only to Battlemod. Changes are as follows:​
-Honey now uses SKINVARS_NOSPINSHIELD in battle which makes it so she can only use shields with tossflag. This was to let her have access to her full moveset in battle at all times. (this has no effect on single player)
-Honey has battle ability text while she's on the ground This is to tell players they need to be in the air to use their ability but also a way to...

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light dasher updated Honey The Cat with a new update entry:

Battlemod Specific Balance and Fixes +Ringslinger Neo Loadout

Still playing her in Singleplayer? No need to worry about this patch, this is Battlemod specific updates (with an added Ringslinger Neo loadout)


- No air dodge after using her Moon Kick or Butt attack with the flag
- Moon Kick has reduced height when holding the flag
- Resource Meter Charge time increased to 3 second per wing in pvp game modes
- No air dodge after using stomp
- Fixed how Her battle ability...​

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I've actually just found a weirdly breaking bug with Honey, so avoid updating for the moment until I can put out a fix, sorry about this
light dasher updated Honey The Cat with a new update entry:

Haircolour hotfix

View attachment 71708
Sorry about the last patch that broke hair colour when going Super or using Hyper Mode, this patch should fix that issue.

Hopefully this should be the last update until some more major content arrives (like persona support or something)
-Fixed superobj/hair not spawning when super
-Removed colorized for super afterimage
-Resource Meter Charge time decreased to 1.8 seconds per wing in pvp game modes (down from 3)
-Fixed super...​

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Am have glitches to report and to start, Honey can
Absolute Hyper Honey.gif
activate hyper whenever she wants, even without 20 rings
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Next, honey
's footstool breaks detons 4 times due to the fact every time they try to explode, they can't due to Honey being on them. Also, I get that it's meant for battlemod but this does still exist
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Honey's Hair gets screwed ov
er by gravity, this is even worse when it comes to using models with it removed her whole head.
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When footstooling the snow man robots, they constantly fire out cannon balls, another glitch that can happen with all enemies (not sure about players though) is that if you footstool them and don't jump off them todo damage, you can't interact with it nor can it interact or damage you (unless it uses projectiles)
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Honey's Tint.gif

And finally of all the glitches I've found, when you switch characters while honey's colour is changed when she uses her footstool, it permanently tints the character's colours until you switch back into honey.
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Btw, when I posted the glitches with footstool which specifically happen in single player, I'm not saying you should find a way to completely remove it from being accessed in single player as the footstool is an incredibly fun to use and rewarding move in both competitive and single player gametypes. For deton, you could have it so Honey instantly jumps off of it similar with how with bosses, honey doesn't land on them for a while but instead just gains extra height after hurting them upon touching them in the footstool state. For making enemies invulnerable, you could make it so enemies are still damaged if honey managed to land on them and is forced off of them somehow
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For example?

And how does it break them exacty?
After I select Honey and use her moves:
Yoshi - His jump ability stops working
Tails Doll (from R Chars) - His shield ability stops working

To replicate, turn on only these 3 character mods. Use Honey's abilities, and then try to play with the other 2. You should get the same problem.

It could be something to do with those mods instead of yours, or it could just be some form of conflict and they can't be used together.
Not sure, but thought I'd mention it. Awesome mod regardless.
Honey is unable to jump normally if in any Quicksand FOFs as she'll always perform the Cat Pounce, though she'll jump normally if you lack charges in the meter.

A lua warning happens when you flip gravity. Included a gif it occuring as well as a screenshot of the lua warning.


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Honey's hyper mode corrupts save data if used in conjunction with record attack.
if you plan on updating her at all, if you ever will. theres a bug that doesnt allow her Moonkick to work for some reason in Tag. it can be spammed too creating negative wings. taking longer to recharge.

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