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I'm not gonna reupload every single image again just to also update the thread.​


Yet again Tiniest Turtles kindly helped me and compiled a pack of all of my previously done Kart character mods, which I never thought about doing before and just now realized how many characters I've done.

I will now put some character select screenshots along with snippets of the descriptions I wrote in each respective thread:

AoStH Dr. Robotnik

Here he is, the one and only, Dr. Ivo Robotnik (or you could call him the distinguished Dr. Robotnik), based on Milton Knight's design from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.


For no reason I can figure out, Mimikyu, the Disguise Pokémon, decides to join the Grand Prix with the hedgehog and company. Perhaps it could be an attempt to gain respect and appreciation? I don't really know.


Cackletta's pupil of fury (and chortles), after an explosion of deadliness that happened a second time, returns to have conquering on the race tracks, and guarantees* you fink-rats will taste the mustard of doom!

*Not really.

**The broken english is on purpose.

Putt Putt

Putt-Putt, the anthropomorphic child car from the Putt-Putt series of games for children made by Humongous Entertainment, enters the race, and of course I'm not talking about the game of the same name (which I happened to rip the voice clips from).

PaRappa the Rapper

He's back again, the young pup on the block, taking every race track one by one!

PaRappa Rappa, the rapping dog that is likely too young to have a driver's license yet has one anyway, steps on the gas in the race, and he's got more than rapping skills to take his opponents on.


“Master of dimensions... Pleaser of crowds... I am... Dimentio!”

Count Bleck's servant, Dimentio, puts his magical abilities to the test in the racing field, the reasoning behind this is as unknown as how he still resides outside of the Underwhere, but hey, might as well enjoy the magic act it while it lasts!

Rayman (Rayman Origins)

Rayman, the limbless thingamajig originating from the Glade of Dreams, goes for another round of kart racing that doesn't involve Java phones or Gameloft, while sporting his design from Rayman Origins (or Legends to an extent, but not really).


A non-specific Jinjo (could also be a Minjo) from the Banjo-Kazooie series breaks the collectible routine and drives into this game, along with the classic "whee"s and the "help"s.
They just couldn't take it anymore, they have their limits.

There's also a version without Robotnik, just in case you're using Strife's AoStH Character Pack or under some other circumstances I am not aware of or do not even exist.


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Emilianomario updated Emilianomario's Kart Character Pack with a new update entry:

Mega Mushroom racer update

Not too sure of how the update feature works still but I've added another character, so I'm updating the whole pack.
Also including a zip with each individual file.
I'm also unsure if I should ignore the "The uploaded file does not have an allowed extension" stuff or not.

Read the rest of this update entry...

edit: I wasn't supposed to upload the files through this was I
In the overview section of your addon, theres a button that has 3 dots on it, click on it and then click on change resource type, add the files there and your version number and save, it should show up ready to download. Hope this helps!
Got it, thanks a lot!
haha uhhhh whoops

Looks like some BOZO (me) forgot to post the main file for v1.3 besides the individuals and the no buttnik ones and hadn't realized up until now.

That should be fixed now.
I hope.

Edit: Just read about the outage stuff, which is probably why the file was missing, making me an even bigger loser for not reading it beforehand.
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