Dreamscape Gardens (Race v1.8) + Battle Plus

[MP Level] Dreamscape Gardens (Race v1.8) + Battle Plus


Trial: Photoner Assault
Was messing around on Opal Island until I noticed the bridge has slight slope physics on it and railing that you can get on. So I tested to see if you can get away with it aaaaaand:


You can complete a lap doing this too.


they/them frien
Like a speeding frien in a subway restaurant, it's time for another one of these updates!


  • TWO NEW MAPS: A remake of Lilac Conservatory and a new map entirely, A Bud Time. (I'm keeping this as a normal map for right now, if at any point this map becomes a real problem I reserve the need to drop it to Map Hell)
  • Added a fence to Summer Segue.
  • Changed the brightness to Airborne Plaza's Encore Mode.
  • Other stuff I may have completely forgotten.

Special thanks goes out to so many members of the community that submitted pictures to use for Lilac Conservatory's Frien Gallery. Y'all are beautiful folk. <3

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