So, I think it's really fair to talk about any further updates that will come to this. Because I haven't really been focusing on this as much, new characters and/or character clean ups won't be happening for a while. If it does, I would mainly prioritize on cleaning up the existing ones. A few are really old, like some characters that got released in the past 4 years, and some just needed minor sprite fixes. I'll only be cleaning/remaking the ones that I think are worth doing, like the Super Monkey Ball characters and Deltarune characters. I think those are the ones that are on top of the 30 characters that I've made/collaborated.

On the topic of edits; No, you can ABSOLUTELY NOT. no repacking, edits, or any changes whatsoever. Especially R. Sonic. Seeing how people take that specific character addon just infuriates me and I often wish I never added him in to begin with.

As the future of this pack, definitely will be returning to it at some point, if not for SRB2Kart, then maybe Ring Racers perhaps (Indefinite time, who knows when, and even when it is out, I'll mostly be caught up with projects.) Main side of characters will of course be thriving. Wacky side may have some removals or changes. And the megamix pack, I got some stuff planned for it. Till then, thanks for reading this and hopefully I'll continue adding character to this and make changes if necessary.

DirkTheHusky updated Dirk's Character pack R12 with a new update entry:

Monkey Ball Characters Remake - AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, & GonGon

Been in the Super Monkey Ball mood lately so I went to update AiAi again as well as the other monkey ball characters as well!

Kart base used here made by Mitsuo.

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Release 13 notes:
- Main character pack is named "kc_DirkCPack-Mainv12.pk3".
- Monkey Ball chars have gotten a remake.
- AiAi plus has been removed from the separate zip file and is now merged into MonkeyBallChars.
- Each monkey skin name has been named to "monkeyname-dx". Keep note of...

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He’d been caught tracing SRB2Kart community sprites & harrassing the KartKrew devs so he could get into their Discord server.
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dammit why can't people just be SENSIBLE for once
first that one guy who made RTD (i forgot his name but he was a lot worse) and now DIRK who i thought was trustable

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