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Mediocre Lua scripter
that's cool and all, but remember, a modded game disables access to things like being able to use campaign saves and you guessed it, online, so when you use clone fighter and try to enable cloning, it just doesnt work, so I want to know how i can be able to allow these things so I can do those things without having to be forced to play alone and whatnot
The server ALSO has to have Clone Fighter added. (Beware though, he's buggy in netgames.)
ugh, it's been about months and a year, yet he STILL hasn't update it in a while, if he can't update it, then somebody has to do a remastering of it, if he really wants to let it rot


Okay so... just found out that the spindash SIGSEV also happens on mobile... but it just can't display the SIGSEV and it just closes itself

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