Hey all, Peppermint here.
She is so op and i love it lol.


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Now this is a character I can get behind, Also love the fact that she used to be a bandit alongside Fang.


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I saw this and I first thought: A cactus? Really?

But then I played as her and liked her
She reminds me of playing as Knuckles in Sonic Heroes, but with that uppercut from the lost SA1 beta

light dasher

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1.1 of cacee has dropped, mostly bug fixing and Battlemod balance changes.

v1.1 - added in commands to disable homing and camera punching, tutorial enemy infinite bug fix, Fang boss fixes, Battlemod balancing. (Punch thrust decreased when flag/diamond holding, weight reduced from 75 to 50, no longer homes in on players, shockwave hitting knuckles while digging bug has been fixed

The new commands added in should help you with your runs of cacee, or for those using a controller

caceehoming - toggles on and off Cacee's homing with her punches, always off by default in battlemod modes
caceecamera - lets you toggle between aiming via camera or aiming via direction input

add a 2 after this to toggle player twos settings for splitscreen (caceehoming2 and caceecamera2)



Sometimes I think
Nights Bug


So yeah, for some reason, Cacee burned status sprites doesn't rotate correctly in the Nights stages.

Other than that, this character is really fun to play as, definitely one of my favorite custom characters ever.


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Oh man, one wouldn't normally think that a fighter character in SRB2 would work well, but this is really fun. Even if regular enemies like crawlas take more than one hit to kill, she still somehow manages to feel so powerful. I can't wait to go toe to toe with all the bosses too. I'm definitely gonna take notes for my own brawler.
okay i am more than confident in saying that this is by far the most fun mod i have ever played. i don't have much to say other than stellar work on perfecting the character, making her flow extremely well, making her capable as hell but still balanced, what with the skill needed to properly combo enemies into the sun, as well as just being adorable as all hell.

in general just an incredible mod, and one you just absolutely have to try out, even if it's just the tutorial stage. absolutely worth the wait.


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Awesome work! She's got a lot of personality both in aesthetic and gameplay. It's not often we get a brawler-type character for SRB2's gameplay format -- especially not one with this level of polish -- so it's a very refreshing change of pace from the standard gameplay. The little gameplay nuances, like her interactions with the environment, really make her stand out, too.

I'm sure the battle server folks appreciate the dynamic she adds to multiplayer as well. She's surprisingly well-balanced, especially after the update to v1.1, but her unique movement capabilities and glass cannon nature make her an interesting enough combatant that she adds some spice to the PvP experience.
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Who'd knew a character with a completely alternate gameplay style would turn out to be my favorite. Characters who have a bend their gameplay so that it stands out towards others is a personal favorite of mine. Cacee (remember KAY-see) is real damn fun to play with!

I love that cactus. I Want Alt with her Sombrero that would be cool but you only get to see that in continue and arid canyon

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