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Since rush adventure is one of my favorite sonic games, I thought it would be a good idea to try making a pack featuring every level from the game as a kart map! This pack currently features 3 race maps at this first beta release, with the final release ending at 6 total tracks (since sky babylon is actually being handled by someone else who is far more capable, i figured it would be fine to skip that one). Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them.

NOW introducing the latest cup, Barkpark Cup. This cup features only textures from srb2/k and are original ideas outside of inspirations from other sources. Starting with Crispy Canyon, there will be a grand total of 5 in this cup.

Edit: Now merged with the B&C pack as the barkpak. Really, I don't know why I didnt just do this in the first place as two seperate downloads is kinda offputting. I will still continue to update both packs, but all the changes will be in this new merged pak.

Current maps:
Map62 - Plant Kingdom
Map63 - Coral Cave
Map64 - Machine Labyrinth
Map65 - Haunted Ship
Map66 - Blizzard Peak
MAP67 - Pirate Island
MAPFN - Unist Hell
MAPSB - Street
MAPSC - Mountain
MAPSD - Crystal
MAPSE - South Pole
MAPSF - Arms Factory
MAPSG - Toy Factory
MAPCM - Crispy Canyon
MAPCN - Melty Manor
MAPCP - Aerial Badlands
MAPCQ - MMBN Battlefield
MAPTE - Sunshine Coastline
MAPTG - Angel Island Zone
MAPTH - Starlight Zone
MAPTI - Ice Cap Zone
MAPTJ - Lava Reef Zone

haunted ship - Changed the S turn section up to be much easier to come up on, moved booster placements, and added carpets to better show upcoming turns, changed to 3 laps
plant kingdom - Slopes added to serveral turns, last turn section tightened and added a boost you can sliptide, added danger signs to pits, changed to 3 laps
plant kingdom - fixed a part of the fencing that wasnt there and made significant changes to the bounce wall at the finish to hopefully reduce people either not making it or getting gay baby jail'd
coral cave - added to 1.2
haunted ship - new shortcut added at halfway point, small graphical changes to help make sections of the track easier to read
blizzard peak - several boosts added to half pipe turns to make going into the slopes the better option, attempted to spice of certain sections with better terrain
coral cave - fixed wall that wasnt thokable, added a few slopes to a turn to hopefully make it more enjoyable, messed with some walls to make them look less perfect, and a few other misc things
plant kingdom - misc texture changes and lights added to a few boostpads, fixed gbj on last section plus made it manageable no matter what thanks to TAG
coral cave - fairly large graphical and scenic overhaul, fixed shortcut being sorta unreadable and too op, added a treasure trove of light sources, and fixed the speedpads making you only boost out at a specific spot
haunted ship - added light sources and lights to boost pads
blizzard peak - fixed the speedpads making you only boost out at a specific spot
plant kingdom - HOPEFULLY fixed the plant wall being thokable, thanks to tag what BRO
haunted ship - just added some graphical stuff plus added in a death plane to a gbj spot
coral cave - slightly lowered the offroad to the spring shortcut and enlarged the springs themselves, weakened all offroad from strong to normal, and moved the turn sign to a better spot for the infamous turn after the underwater section plus some other miscellaneous stuff
blizzard peak - fixed the gbj near the finishline

Haunted Ship - small graphical changes
Coral Cave - Editted some turns to make them feel more natural to take
Mountain - Modified one of the turns to feel more natural to take
All B&C Maps - renamed mapthingnums to not clash with nightmare pack's objects
Cavern - Added deathpit
Plant Kingdom - Added sounds to mushrooms (thanks to eldog for helping me out alongside roykirby, TAG, and MK)
Coral Cave - Fixed a turn to improve flow and fixed a turn that had messed up checkpoints
Machine Labyrinth - Added to the pack
Streets - Improved layout to make it less like a port, entire last section fixed up with a side path on the buildings
Mountain - Several side paths involving paths on the sides of cliffs
Machine Labyrinth - Closed distances between spring sets and fixed the musicdef
Streets - fixed up rooftops of the last section and the springs of the first section
Coral Cave - I really really hate zonebuilder
Machine Labyrinth - Fixed Shortcut
Mountain - Fixed Shortcut
v2.4 for real no more till the next map im SORRY AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Coral Cave - fixed up sign posts for a few turns i think needed better placements for them, fixed up section after the turn after the water
Machine Labyrinth - Actually fixed shortcut so it isnt gbj
Plant Kingdom/Haunted Ship - fixed music so it actually loops correctly (thanks to ibuki for the haunted ship loop)
Mountain - few touchups on the first sidepath to make it easier to identify and enter
Blizzard Peaks - Completely new map to replace the old blizzard peaks
Just renamed a texture that was confliction with another in based srb2k and added more fencing on one of the sections of BP so that people dont fall down and have to redo the section
Blizzard Peaks - Fixed sector being icy when it was just snow
South Pole - Released
Blizzard Peaks - Changes made to make certain sections not as dirty for item play
Mountain - Fixed up shortcuts to be easier to take
Blizzard Peaks - Small changes to avoid bs
Caverns - Small changes to make it less of a port
Arms Factory - New map
Fixed minimaps on several maps
Pirate Ship - Red springs instead of diagonal blue springs
Fixed any missing deathpits, please let me know if i missed one
Toy Factory - New map
All b&c maps - Updated the finish line signs
All maps - few light blocks added to pits
Toy Factory - Fixed dumb fence
Pirate Island - New map
Pirate Island - Significant changes to sections to improve flow
All maps - much less blue springs
Pirate Island - Made certain sections not be gbj and added slopes to improve flow
Toy Factory - Opened up the entrance on the exit of a turn to make it much more approachable, added better signs at the start of the same turn, and weakened the wind on the spring bounce
Pirate Island - fixed to gbjs
Pirate Island - HOPEFULLY fixed most of the jank in the final cut, made map easier to handle on normal speed
Crispy Canyon - Added
Pirate Island - Shortened offroad near the start to make it obvious not to take
Crispy Canyon - Changes to overall make certain sections less punishing than they should ever be
Streets - Removed physics from the upward slope of the 3rd sectional so people dont fly and die
Crispy Canyon - Added some deathpits to sections that had no escape already outside of dropping to a different deathpit, among a few other small changes
Arms Factory - Made shortcut a bit easier to take
Toy Factory - Changed up the diagonal blue springs section with red springs at the start because its based af
Blizzard Peaks - Removed booster at the shortcut because it's already good enough as is
Plant Kingdom - Made the second mushroom set MUCH easier to avoid being sent to the shadow realm aka death
All maps - Added level end signs (i didnt have this set up because i never really cared since a sign drops anyways at the location first passes it at but it was brought up to my attention and i figured why not)
Unist Hell - added
Melty Manor - added
Crispy Canyon - Heavily revamped half pipe to make it feel a bit more natural and removed physics from a few slopes that really didnt need it
Plant Kingdom - Visual overhaul for the end section of the map plus yellow springs added in front of mushroom sections (there are still sections with no springs in case you go into the section already going fast)
-Volatile Volcano
-Pirate Island: better slopes, red spring pits are more forgiving if you fuck up in front of them, shortcut is harder to take, final fans section is a tad harder, blue springs changed to panels
-Crispy Canyon: fairly big graphical changes, some pits between sections are removed, other small things
-Melty Manor: Library section is MUCH better in terms of directioning (i think) and overall shouldnt confuse the player if they take the boost pad, better directioning in the prison section as well
-Plant Kingdom: shortened walls of the spiral turn at the end, narrowed the yellow springs before shrooms
-Coral Cave: Slight graphical additions
-Machine Labyrinth: Better slopes
-Toy Factory: Blue Springs replaced with panels
-Toy Factory is replaced with a new version
Major Changes
-Streets' top paths now require grow or inv and overall the layout in that section is different
-Mountain has a few small changes but the last half is heavily modified
-Caverns has major modifications (now has a bunch of shortcuts for once)
Minor Changes
-Melty Manors library section is much easier to enter and the top path of the chapel is now a booster to balance the paths
-Volatile Volcano has ramps lowered but replaced with boostpads so now they have a reason to take but they are somewhat more riskier now due to a higher lvl of commitment, also made a few changes to improve performance

All maps - Overall QOL changes such as missing textures/exploit fixes/texture alignment/ect
Machine Labyrinth - Ending section now completely revamped, the layout is still the same but the section will not be the same experience
Melty Manor - Attempted to improve visability in the library and underground spikeball sections
Aerial Badlands - New map!
v3.5b (skipped a because b stands for based)
Aerial Badlands - Fixed musicdef
Crispy Canyon - Redone sectors that had red springs (not all of them), helped make the difference between offroad and death more apparent (not perfect but atm its the best my small brain can think of)

Pirate Island - Redone sections that had red springs (not all of them), made area near the first underwater red springs normal road with boost pads to help recovery, removed water skip cut and added normal offroad cut that looks cool because it dips in the water
Race - Angle Island and Starlight Zone
Battle - MMBN Battlefield


Overall - Removed most boost lights
Plant Kingdom - Moved the cliff closer to the tree at the first turn of going underground
Coral Cave - Fixed the issue at the torch near the start and added a boost near the first few turns
Machine Labyrinth - Tried my best to touch up the bouncy sections, added wind sections to spots where it was gbj, redid the minimap, fenced the first turns and the spiral turn
Pirate Island - Extended the red springs underwater so you can either hit the blue springs or just veer into the left exit easier
Crispy Canyon - Changed up the terrain near the start to hopefully help people know its a right turn, heavily modified the first spring to spring section
Melty Manor - Removed the springs at the garden area, modified both the library and spike ball sections to be much more approachable
Volatile Volcano - Added raised terrain on the lava shortcut section
Aerial Badlands - Forgive me if I forget anything, fixed clouds in general being awful, removed cliff that was in the middle of one of the clouds, fixed the deathplane near the same section to actually function
Arms Factory - Added normal road to sections with conveyors so you dont get slightly glued to walls, added a few boosters and weakened the conveyor on the shortcut
Toy Factory - Sent to map hell
Angel Island - Fixed 2nd jump so normal speed tails doesnt skip
Ice Cap - Added!
Starlight - Fixed issue with spb having you hit a kill ceiling and blocked off ramp exploits that skip 90% of the track
All Sonic Rush Adventure Tracks - Fairly spruced up with new textures, set pieces, new skyboxes, ect (a few edited more than others), alongside that all minimaps should be fixed, let me know otherwise
Ice Cap - Fixed exploit where taking the cut could give you ridic items afterwards no matter the placement, also added something for taking the second ramp at high speeds, now a 3 lapper
Starlight - Fixed issue with spb making you hit deathplains, set up building near one of the last turns to avoid skipping the cp there
Aerial Badlands - Edited fences so you dont look like a tool by phasing thru them, now a 2 lapper
Crispy Canyon - Edited the red spring shortcut near the start with a few failsafes and removed the solid signs everyone and their mom bonked into
Melty Manor - Widened the stairs going into the garden sections
Toy Factory - Fixed checkpoints thanks to the great Julie Hikari so TF is now out of map hell
Angel Island - Maneuvered item boxes so its actually feasible to hit them
Plant Kingdom - Removed offroad near yellow springs, removed robo hoods and replaced them with chaos
Melty Manor - Fixed rando deathpit on the offroad before the garden due to me deleting and readding a linedef and not checking
General - Fixes across all maps, I really cant remember anything big
Sunshine Coastline - new map

Lava Reef - Added to the pack!

Haunted Ship enemy sprites are ripped by Ragey
Haunted Ship skybox is ripped by TrishRowdy
Haunted ship textures and tiles are by Techokami
Plant Kingdom textures are by Techonami
Coral Cave textures are by Techonami
Coral Cave sprites are from Nightmare Pack's Hadal Trench, courtesy to Ninferno for allowing me to use them
Mushrooms from Mushroom Hill Zone are ripped by SkyLights
All textures and music found in this pack are thanks to the wonderful spritework by both dimps and SEGA
Metool sprites by Novally (the sprite sheet actually says no credit needed but they look super cool so I cant NOT credit you homie)
Warning signs and skybox backgrounds by
Machine Labyrinth background by TrishRowdy and tiles by Techokami
Everything else plus music are thanks to the wonderful work of the people that worked on this amazing game
Boost Rings are by Chengi
South Pole Sky fixed up by Charyb, thank you!!!
Volatile Volcano's better directioning helped by charyb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aerial Badlands textures by Shadowbot
Aerial Badlands animated arrows by Charyb!!!
Help from TAG because I really hate the power of 2!!!
Moving Fog lua by Lat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MMBN sprites from Sprites INC
AIZ sprites by SkyLights
SLZ sprites by Divine Insect
Lavareef textures by Damizean, SonicDash57, and SkyLights
Runa for looping lava reef music


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Merged with B&C to form the barkpak which will be where all future super cool updates will go
Uh, I think you accidentally got rid of the download link...

edit: ok the link is back now
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Readded the latest ver of Rush adventure pack for download for any servers that still have it and have downloads disabled.
After a hiatus, barkpark is now updated to 2.0 with changes to a few maps and the inclusion of Machine Labyrinth to the collection. Enjoy!
A bit of a nitpick with Plant Kingdom's music and how it loops. The music abruptly stops and goes back to the very beginning, rather than looping like in the actual Rush Adventure game.
A bit of a nitpick with Plant Kingdom's music and how it loops. The music abruptly stops and goes back to the very beginning, rather than looping like in the actual Rush Adventure game.

As of v2.4, both plant kingdom and haunted ship should both be looped correctly. I'm not gonna lie, looping certain songs can be a real drag.
Forgot to bump for 2.5 but now 2.5a is out with fixes to blizzard peak and texture renaming to remove conflicts
Barkpark 2.6 now out with the South Pole map from battle and chase. I took some liberties and picked a different song than what was used for the original as the original song was shared with the caverns track
Sorry for forgetting to bump for 3.0 but maybe its for the best due to all the fixes. Anywho, 3.0b is out with Pirate Island being added in and a few changes to Toy Kingdom
3.1 officially released with the addition of Crispy Canyon, the first in the series of original tracks
Crispy Canyon is so fun! Hard to master, but fun when you bounce around. I hope to see the jank in the races! I especially like the finish line pyramid bounce, it's quite spectacular
Crispy Canyon is so fun! Hard to master, but fun when you bounce around. I hope to see the jank in the races! I especially like the finish line pyramid bounce, it's quite spectacular

I'm glad you enjoy it! I personally feel its my best work, especially in the visuals department since i tried to sway away from custom textures and just use the textures from srb2/k themselves which overall felt a lot more flexible.

On that note, 3.1b is out with a few smaller changes to Crispy Canyon, Blizzard Peaks, Plant Kingdom, Arms Factory, and Toy Factory along with added level end signposts for all maps
Barkpark 3.2 now out with Melty Manor and the first hell map, Unist Hell, alongside a few balance changes to crispy canyon and plant kingdom
3.3 out with volatile volcano as a new map and both minor and major changes to multiple maps

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