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aka Shaunt
The famous bear and bird duo from the Nintendo 64 era have finally joined Kart!


While they wait for their time to join Smash, they'll participate in kart races to pass the time.


Mimicking the stats from Diddy Kong Racing, the duo has decent speed and are pretty heavy.


And due to Kazooie's addition, they will also have secondcolor support, some referencing the alternate player colors in Banjo Tooie's multiplayer.
If you don't like the color Kazooie was given, you can change her color with the "secondcolor" command. For example, if you want a Christmas theme and want Kazooie to be green, simply enter "secondcolor green" into the console when playing as the duo.
Because of this and the way record attack works, there's two versions of this mod; one with secondcolor (KCL), and one without it (KC).


The voice clips used for Banjo & Kazooie were taken from Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Tooie, developed by Rare/Rareware.
The secondcolor script was created by Lach, and can be found here: https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=44752

Version 1.5/1-5
* Fixed a minor graphic issue regarding turn frames

Version 1
* Initial release


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So there was an a small issue with the turn frames that I actually never noticed until someone brought it up (which even then, it took me a while to see what they were actually talking about)
Version 1.5/1-5 now fixes that
Something I forgot to mention about the secondcolor version; if you don't like the color for Kazooie that was already given or just want a different color combination, you can change her color through use of the "secondcolor" command in the console. For an example, if you want a Christmas theme and want Kazooie to be green, open up the console and enter "secondcolor green"

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