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I cannot get this to load, i'm using 2.2.8
It seems like you need to add the mods in a specific order

You need to use the proper exe with it. It loads the files for you and is required for the mod to work properly ayway.


Is it supposed to take a really long time to start up? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Is it supposed to take a really long time to start up? Or am I doing something wrong?

Nevermind I just had to restart my laptop lol.

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Oh my God this mod looks so good but unfortunately I'm an Android user so I can't play this but if I could play it I totally would.
great job on the mod dude.


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Unfortunately, I don't have a windows, since I play on an android. So I will never be able to play this mod, sad.
I never knew which type Tails attack does, but i'm guessing maybe
Sonic - Spin Slash - Slash
Tails - Pierce
Knuckles - Strike
Amy - Strike

...those are the only chars ive played as lol
im guessing some elements are from newer games (never heard of Psi)

anyway pros - shadows are extremely easy to dodge

cons - reaper somehow comes quicker
- tartarus feels harder to navigate even with a bigger map
- reaper is mad scary
- some weaknesses i swear differ from p3 but thats subjectively a con
- are there access points or a save thing or does it autosave / no singleplayer mode ATM but perhaps the singleplayer is meant for PERSONA rather than TARTARUS RUN
- some very small things like maybe 1 or 2 songs aren't in ig? subjectively a con

really cool beta tho i really liked it


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You Just made Me Add Cman Support.... Nice To Force It On Me Like That!
I May Unleash My All-Out Attack!

Basic Bronze Sonic

no more basic now only meme
Alright so y'all Android users now that running exe files is not doable but if you're thinking about just adding in all the stuff via add-ons through vanilla srb2 but I think the title screen speaks for itself.



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i would sing mass destruction here but i think it would spam, so i going to sing one line


(there we go)
anyways, great job as always! can't wait for the full release!
(also add an hud system based on the persona games, i kinda didn't like the new one)


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Looks sick, can't wait to mod the fuck out of it then complain it isn't balanced enough and that something is broken


so i kind of need some help
when i launch the exe, it crashes and then i cant run it again
i suck at stuff like this so srry


So I was just running around as shadow using his chaos control in the lobby area when I accidentally clipped out of bounds when I fell out of bounds.

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