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The SRB2P modding doc!

SRB2Persona is a mod I've been working on with the help of a few friends every now and then for about 4 years now. The entire point was to recreate Persona's general gameplay into SRB2. Yeah, it doesn't get any stupider than that! It started off as a barely playable weird tech demo that would error about everytime we tried playing it. Honestly I was unsure whether or not it was going to ever be something playable or stay as a fever dream.
Yet here we are, today. After 3 entire rewrites and countless hours of testing over the course of 4 years, I have no idea how my motivation lasted me this long, but I'm happy to release the first SRB2Persona demo!

Play the tutorial
I cannot stress this enough, even if you've played a Persona game before, I recommend you check it out.

5029 UDP.
That's the port you need to forward for people to join your hosted games. The method to portforward varies between ISPs so this one is on you to figure out, chief.

Netgame issues
It's nothing new that SRB2's netgames were never the most stable.
There is no guarantee that netgames with more than 8 players (or any amount for that matter, but bigger playercounts amplify the problems) stay stable forever depending on each individual player's connection.
Joining mid-game (after parties have been made) also frequently causes problems, so it's much better to make sure your lobby's all filled up with all the friends you wanted before confirming the parties. I have tried to the best of my ability to limit this issue to the maximum, but it still frequently occurs.
To limit mid-game joinings and the myriad of issues that come with them, there is no Master Server support, only LAN is supported for now. In other words, you need the host's IP to join


Outside of the tutorial, this demo of SRB2Persona offers absolutely no entierely singleplayer content (yet??), but you are free to play the Tartarus exploration & challenge battles by yourself however which recreates the intended feeling!

There is modding support and custom characters can be added. Modding documentation for the mod will come at a later date. ...Or is it already out somewhere?

So, what's in the package?

Frantic turn based battles
Experience the flashy aesthetic of the Persona battle system, with a hint of Shin Megami Tensei buff system topping to add some flavour, alongside literally hundreds of available Persona skills and a varied selection of characters!
Find out and exploit your enemies' weaknesses to knock them down and get additional turns! Manage to knock them all down, and you can unleash the powerful All-Out Attack to deal massive damage and maybe just end the battle in a flash!
If you either finish a battle with an All-Out Attack, or within a single turn, you may even get a chance to get some more mileage out of it!

Dungeon crawling with up to 4... 8...? wait, 16 players!?
Crawl within the mazes of Tartarus. Ambush the Shadows impeding your way, earn EXP to get stronger and make your way up to and destroy the floor guardians with a party of 4... Or up to 4 parties of 4! (Nope there's no guarantee the netgame will even stay stable, do that at your own risk!)
...Just be careful not to spend too much time on a single floor, or bad luck awaits...

Fight it out in a 4V4 PvP duke out!
Experience the many intricacies of how stupidly unbalanced the battle system is by unleashing your most devious strategies on each other!

Test your skills on Challenge Battles!
Take on timed boss rematches and endless battles with up to 3 other players to set the best times and scores! Serves as a good training session to know what to expect from the many dangers of Tartarus!

An existing install of vanilla SRB2 2.2.8 or above is necessary for SRB2Persona to run. Put them in the same dedicated folder.


SRB2P files
SRB2P files (MIRROR)
Patch (v1.x -> v1.2)

SRB2P files (MACOS)
Courtesy of Lach, please contact him if you encounter issues with the MacOS installation process.

No direct download available as of now, but Linux users have reported being able to compile and play SRB2P.
You can compile yourself from the source code.

Unsupported. You are free to fork the source code and try making it yourself, but I do not intend to add or maintain an Android support myself.

  • V1.0
    • Initial Release

  • V1.1
    • Gameplay
      • Amy no longer has Recarm in PvP.

    • Quality of Life
      • Added OpenGL menu options under Display settings
      • Added 'Return to Lobby' options in multiplayer escape menu
      • Custom battle music is now previewed in a prompt before being added in your list
      • When leveling up, you can now see the skill descriptions of your new skill and the skill you are about to forget

    • Fixes...
      • Improved mid-game joining stability.
        • This is done by temporarily pausing the game to resynchronize the RNG which seems to be the cause of the issue.
        • I still don't recommend mid-game joining as I can't guarantee its stability.
      • Fixed Analysis being repellable by Makarakarn
      • Fixed duplicate Emerald Skills
      • Fixed being able to sustain critical hits during the tutorial, potentially softlocking it.
      • Fixed Succubus having an invalid skill.
      • Fixed enemies not disappearing if they had died from a repelled auto attack of theirs.
      • Fixed the Rampage Drive targetting dead players still.
      • Fixed the lives count displaying outside of Tartarus exploration mode if a session had been played beforehand
      • Fixed being able to create parties outside of Tartarus exploration
      • Fixed the complete inability to make custom challenge battles.

  • V1.2
    • Gameplay
      • You now have 1/3 Max SP in PvP instead of 1/2.
    • Fixes
      • Fixed being able to access the Sub-Persona menu with no Sub-Personas via the shortcut in Skills, resulting in errors.
      • Fixed invalid frames when reviving Knuckles or Shadow
      • Fixed Brainwash constantly resulting in the fallback 'dummy' Skill being used in 1.1
      • Fixed the camera jittering in some occasions, it should look a lot more fluid now.
      • Fixed a specific Challenge Battle not saving completion.
      • You can no longer set Enter as any of your keys in the menu and get softlocked.
      • Fixed status condition effects not playing sounds when they should.
      • Fixed Baton Pass' screen overlay not going away until the next turn started.

Sonic Robo Blast 2: Persona
Mod by Lat'

Additional Mod credits:

Snu: General programming & graphics assistance
SoapSurfin: Titlescreen Sonic art
DylanNeyaz: Cut-ins
Q.T.D.: All-Out-Attack artwork
DaveLite: Evoker poses

LJ Sonik: PRNG library

Inazuma: Shadow The Hedgehog sprites
DrStephen: Dr. Eggman sprites
.Luke: Blaze The Cat sprites
(All permissions / re-usable content status check out)

Amicitia Comm: Persona 3/4 modding tools

Sonic Robo Blast 2 belongs to Sonic Team Jr.

Sonic The Hedgehog is property of SEGA
Shin Megami Tensei / Persona is property of ATLUS / SEGA
No copyright infringement intended, this is a fan project meant as a love letter to some of my favourite game franchises ever.

This is a non-profit project! (In fact, I lose money!)

It's kind of surreal for me to finally release something like that after working on it for so long. Although there isn't exactly a ton of content to speak of, I'm still incredibly proud of myself for managing to pull that out and eternally thankful to those who have helped me make it this far, be it by their supportive words, their contributions to the mod, or their everlasting ability to break the shit out of the game to help me find and crush bugs.

Supporters / CoAuthors



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Larz T

Seeing as this was my first Persona experience ever, I learned a lot throughout my initial playthrough and I gotta say, I loved every minute of it. This was really fun and so much polish and work has gone into this for so long. I'm really happy with what I played, I'll definitely be checking this out again with some friends or by myself. Welcome to releases and congratulations! I'll be swinging by this thread more often to give more thoughts on it as I play more.


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time to persona but with sonic skin


Yoko Shimomura

Lat' said:
After 3 entire rewrites and countless hours of testing over the course of 4 years, I have no idea how my motivation lasted me this long, but I'm happy to release the first SRB2Persona demo!

Congrats on pulling through, not just with yourself but your team too!

Can't wait to dive into this mod and detail my experience (defo expecting to be hama'd or mudo'd at some point lol). This is one of the few mods that would always have me interested in making an RPG based level in srb2.


horribly unmotivated
well i know what i'm spending the rest of my weekend playing, holy crap i have been waiting for this moment for so long!


Unknown person
Wow, woW WOW! this seems pretty nice! (but i can't play it because i think it's gonna explode my laptop... Too bad though)

Just Luxis

Probably dead.
This looks pretty good!

Saddly i haven't played Persona, but with this mod, i would probably give it a test.


fuck not again *lights hand on fire*
oh my god
oh my god
somehow it has happened

my absolute favourite game series and my absolute favourite game of all time, persona 3, has been implemented into srb2
sorry one sec im gonna cry

there are absolutely no words to describe how good this mod is. it's just persona. it adapts the persona 3-5 gameplay and absolutely seamlessly integrates it into srb2, with the platformer dungeon crawling.
god i love this so much i'll think of an actual review later i dont care what you think of persona just play it
After so long....... The mad Lat did it! So how do I get this to work? Cause its a .rar and I can't activate it that way.
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SMS Alfredo

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Apparently the attachment and mirror downloads are two completely different versions of the game?
One can't join the other if they both used different download links.
Might wanna fix that...


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Kart Krew™️
Apparently the attachment and mirror downloads are two completely different versions of the game?
One can't join the other if they both used different download links.
Might wanna fix that...

Sorry, this was just dealt with.
The dropbox mirror is now up to date with the actual MB download.


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I will make a in depth review of my thoughts at a later time but the tutorial breaks if the enemy gets the first strike, Amy will be stunned making it so you can't pass the turn later, basically soft lock. Love what I'm seeing so far though!

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It compiles on linux fine. No errors preventing it from working! Have fun!

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