srb2 v2.0.x

  1. Door

    2.0 Levels Project [currently in haitus until summer rolls around]

    This is a project the simulate SRB2 2.0.7 for personal nostalgia. This is also a solo project. (hopefully not soon) latest builds can be found on the MB. 1668644243 offical demo 1 release
  2. Tempmarrow

    What version of SRB2 Music do you like most?

    I wonder what you guys think are the best music of SRB2 from any version 2.2 and below.
  3. Bijman

    [Open Assets] srb2bld - SRB2 Build/Package manager CLI

    Description srb2bld is a shell script, that automates and simplifies process of downloading source code, configuration, compilation, installation to system or creating portable executable bundles of various SRB2 related builds. Features - Compiling and installing 32-bit/64-bit binaries of...
  4. Eldritch64

    SRB2 Debug Mode

    Hey kiddies, ever wanted to have Brak Eggman sitting there in Green Flower Zone? I Well now you can too! I will show you how you can enable Debug Mode in SRB2! (This does work with 2.1 and I'm pretty sure 2.0 aswell) Go into a save file or no save mode, I think it doesn't matter which one you...
  5. Franniel Martinez

    SRB2 on... DSi? Is it Possible?

    Yes, i know. SRB2 just can't be playable in a normal DS. Due to the poor RAM powered in the little boy, it runs out of memory once you get to the Title screen. Even if the DS could handle Doom, SRB2 is just to big for a machine so small like the DS itself... But what about the DSi? I mean, it...
  6. Sryder

    [Open Assets] SRB2 with some OpenGL fixes

    This is something that I have been working on for a few months on and off now. I know it may seem a little late with 2.1 this close to being out, but better late than never right? It aims to sort out the majority of the issues with how OpenGL draws things. Some of these changes were taken from...
  7. Root

    Green Valley Zone (Version 2)

    This is the first zone of the mod i am making, Mr Triangle 3D. Note:No sprites or characters have been made for the mod yet, so this is just the level.
  8. Klinx the Weasel

    [Open Assets] Leech.soc (Custom Ability)

    This is just a custom ability I made but don't have a character to use it with so I thought I'd put it out there for anyone else to use. It's called 'leech' but 'attract' might be a better name for it. It's a thok type ability that lets you pause and attract rings, basically just giving you a...
  9. TheDoctor


    The Egg Fleet from Sonic Heroes. This is not a port, merely a look-a-like. There are two versions for this map, so careful which one you download and play, don't come to me with errors here and there. The supported versions of SRB2 for this are: SRB2 Comunity Build (Regular) SRB2 Comunity...
  10. TheDoctor

    Modernly Heroic & Sonic Boom MD2s

    This is a model of Sonic Heroes, ported to SRB2 and edited by me to look more like Modern Sonic. This Sonic md2 has modern animations, and even has Sonic Lost World "wall run" animations when using Knuckles' wall climb ability. A second model is in the pack which is an edit of ModernlyHeroic...
  11. Zipper

    [Open Assets] Custom Robo Hood Boss

    A custom boss with a slightly different attack pattern from the original Robo-Hood. Nothing too special but have fun anyways. A boss doesn't really need screenshots.
  12. D00D64

    [Open Assets] Sonic Palette Blast 64 - A Showcase & Resource Pack! [Palette]

    After making my GameBoy palette, I found myself messing with palettes a lot more. I was planning of releasing them all in one big Zip to use as a resource pack of different palettes. But then I started messing with palettes more, and then decided to make a palette for every level in Single...
  13. D00D64

    [Open Assets] Game Boy [Palette]

    So I made a monochrome palette. It's directly taken from the Game Boy. Pressing F11 to change the brightness will result in a more genuine look. ...Not much to say other than that, so...
  14. SonicX8000

    [Open Assets] Virtual Boy Blast 2.

    *EDIT* Releasing a update as the cyan bit of the palette wasn't changed since I thought it was mainly used for the transparent pixel via XWE. *Turns out ACZ's Sky uses this and so if you looked up in first-person mode with ACZ's sky you'll get blinded by the cyan bit.* Altered some bits here...
  15. Shardvexz

    SRB2 Launcher - startSRB2 v1.2.1

    Hello SRB2 community! I've been working on an alternative to the SRB2 Launcher, called startSRB2. When I started this project, I wasn't aware that sonicfreak94 was also making a launcher. Looks like he beat me to it! But this one has more features, so I am going to release it anyway. And if...
  16. K

    [Open Assets] SRB2PLUS (depth) - PLUS3 (2014-01-31)

    The rationale behind this mod is to make SRB2's gameplay deeper and more interesting without compromising its essence. This quick new version was required to fix a gamebreaking bug, but also has a few other changes while we're at it. Hopefully I didn't break anything else. Also because this...
  17. STHE123O

    Sonic Adventure DX *Version 2*

    SRB2: Sonic Adventure DX mod I put a lot of effort into this wad, hope you all like it. I have improved a lot from my past mods. Levels are not a port of the originals. It has emblems and unlockables. I accept all kind of criticism and suggestions. Trailers...
  18. CoatRack


    I have had this sitting around in my folder for awhile now, and finally decided I should release it. I give to you, the Genocide Pack. What is it you may ask, and why on earth do I want genocide? Simple really, the name was thrown at me since the levels here are based off the Classic Sonic...
  19. MotorRoach


    He's okay.
  20. sphere


    A level I've had lying around for a while, it was made for a contest a long time ago but I didn't submit it. It was nearly complete, only missing things like emerald spawns and a level header, so I added those in so I could release it. There wasn't a lot of effort put into this, so don't expect...