The Peanut Podium Bonkpak, for Bonkmod!

[Reusable] The Peanut Podium Bonkpak, for Bonkmod! v1.0

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An add-on for Bonkmod (available here: ) that adds more bonk sounds! 24 more! When combined with the base Bonkmod sound set, that brings your aural bonking experience up to a bonktacular 40 bonks total! The Big Four-Oh!

And the ones that are voice lines are even properly set up to play the normal bonk sound alongside the voice line, like I'm supposed to do! Wowiee!!! Now that's value, kid!!!!!

Includes Brand New Classics such as:
  • The old hurt noise from Minecraft that they took out of Minecraft
  • That grunt Doomguy makes in Doom when you can't open a door
  • The TF2 sniper saying "piss"
  • new hilarious meme i invented, TF2 engineer saying "nope"
  • the sound from when you die in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. wait do people die in that game?
  • Navi from Ocarina of Time saying 'watch out' after you already bumped into something
  • some stock sounds you've heard in cartoons! They're Stock Sound! From Cartoon!
  • a crowd gasping at your poor performance
  • Several Undertale Noises
  • And More!
Installation is simple! Download the mod and put it in the same place as Bonkmod. And then, you load it, after loading Bonkmod. And... and that's it! Enjoy bumping into walls at least 24% more than before with your 24 brand new bonk sounds!

Brought to you fresh by your friends at The Peanut Podium.

That's Bonk, Baybee!™
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