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[Reusable] Ridge Racer 7 announcer v1.6

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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Built upon DarkBenji's F-Zero GX Narrator mod, this mod brings over the chill masculine and enthusiastic feminine announcers from Ridge Racer 7!

CommandsDescriptionDefault Value
rr7_shutupClientside command for muting the announcerOff
rr7_enableServerside command for enabling the announcerOn

DarkBenji for their F-Zero GX narrator mod
KartKrew Discord for helping me a bit with Lua editing
A Ridge Racer Discord community for helping me find the voicelines I wouldn't have found otherwise else I'd be here all day recording everything
Bandai Namco Entertainment for creating the Ridge Racer series
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Latest updates

  1. 1.6 Update, I guess

    -New voicelines Quote Conditions "Okay, get ready to race!" Immediately on map load "Good...
  2. Oopsies, I did a fricky wucky!! 1.5 release.

    Apparently the rr7_shutup command breaks sync within a server so... I do apologize for any...
  3. Another significant update but less than ambitious

    With the rr7_shutup (default: Off) command, players can mute the announcer if they opt to. This...