small map pack

  1. So2ro

    [Reusable] BombPack - The SRB2B level pack

    Add the level pack after the bomberman mod to avoid any issues This level pack is designed specifically for Flame's bomberman mod (SRB2B). I may add more maps from time to time, but for now you only get 3. Verdant Grotto i wonder what this one is inspired from Originally made as a test map...
  2. Sharb

    [Reusable] SRB2 Prop hunt

    SRB2 PROP HUNT How good are you at hiding in plain sight? Download here (please read the thread) This is a custom game mode I've been working on since 2.2 first came out to port the popular game mode from GMOD and TF2 called prop hunt. For those who don't know what prop hunt is, prop...
  3. Broken Flash Drive

    [Reusable] Milk Pack v1.1

    A small pack of 3 maps. I've been sitting on releasing these maps for some time, but I figure now is as good of a time to release them as any. Maps: I tested these quite extensively, so please let me know if you find something horrifically broken that somehow slipped by. But more importantly...
  4. CyanKnight

    Chaos Battle Version 3.1.3

    These are match maps lifted from the grave of Demo 1.08's Chaos mode with intent to be used for the new battle mode by CobaltBW. However they should work fine with Regular match too. "Why?" Well the chaos mode maps have went unused since around 1.09 possibly for the better however Battle mode...
  5. FlyingNosaj

    [Reusable] FlyingNosaj's Battle Pack V5

    These are maps meant to be used with Cobalt's SRB2Battle mod! Download that here: What is this "Battle Pack"? This is a set of match maps that were primarily made with Cobalt's SRB2Battle mod in mind. All of the maps featured are of low...
  6. So2ro

    [Reusable] Grotto Pack (Green Grotto Zone)

    So uhh, sonic and friends took the wrong turn from GFZ and ended up inside one of the mountains you can see from the distance Ah yes, the update and rename no one asked for but i found myself doing out of boredom anyways. Grotto pack features features: Screenshots: Changelog: Credits
  7. Flame

    SRB2 Bomberman (SRB2B) [vB-001]

    Talk about a blast from the past. It's back, and recreated in Lua a decade later! Announcement Trailer SRB2 Bomberman (SRB2B) Version: vB-001 Twitter Youtube? Intro Bomberman. You plant bombs, you move in a 4 directional maze-like-pattern (Usually) and collect power-ups to cause more...
  8. RafaelXFire

    Green Match Zones

    It is a pack of matchmaps made by me with a similar theme between them, I hope you like it. In case of bugs please explain them in the comments.
  9. Princess Plushima

    [Reusable] Nasya the Weightless - V2.0.1 - The Pants Update

    Redesigned and Rerendered with all the little improvements I've made to my workflow over the last year, Nasya 2.0 is here! Nasya the Weightless is my super special snowflake original character. Nasya can't run or jump like a normal character. Instead she drifts around in low gravity...
  10. Rexeljet

    Woodland Way Zone v2.0 - Now with Act 2!

    This is Woodland Way, a short zone in the vein of an opening level. Featuring some unique textures and original music, it contains ten emblems across two acts and a variety of paths to take. Your jorney begins in Act 1 (no surprises there), during the middle of the day. Act 2 takes place...
  11. Starl

    [Level Pack] Aurora Cup

    The Aurora Cup has started! The Cup contains 2 Tracks and more to come SOON! Version: 1.3 Changes: Cavern Ruins -boss waypoints -new thumbnail -fixed spawns -visible alternate route -more offroad -visual changes -more sneaker panels Paradise Campsite -boss waypoints -new thumbnail -new...
  12. Scootie

    [Reusable] Slipgate Cup v4.8 [Operations Proceeding as planned]

    A new update for the Quake themed tracks! MAPP0: Wind Tunnels - Difficulty: Advanced Level Theme: NIGHTMARE- Ranger's Theme Encore Theme: Beezelbub- Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne This 2 lap track takes a dive into the murky waters under this ancient castle in the dark realm, the wind will...
  13. Barki

    [Level Pack] Aether Pack V2 (Metal Harbor, finally!)

    Currently featuring 4 maps, (eventually) with more to come, this map pack is aimed at multiplayer fun. Hopefully nothing spine-breakingly difficult, but even the gentlest of maps will harbour perils for the inattentive racer! Wonder Cup - My own creations - Crystal Caverns - VR_Corrution -...
  14. Mollycat

    [Reusable] Tiny Island Zone

    This is my first SRB2Kart map (and my first map released in general) and I worked very hard on it so I hope you enjoy! It's a relatively easy track with no gimmicks but it should provide a good ride! I'm hoping to take what I learnt into building more tracks in the future so feedback would be...
  15. Superstarxalien

    [MP Level] SUPERMETAL: Basic Bounce & the slide from Super Mario 64

    The pack with Metal Mario in it. ---- SUPERMETAL is a track pack featuring tracks that are certain to meet at least one standard of fun. And Metal Mario. (DISCLAIMER: Metal Mario as a playable character is only available in Mit's character pack. Go download it! Currently there's two regular...
  16. MarioFreak2001

    [Reusable] Emerald Valley Zone (V6)

    I decided to dip my toes in the level creating waters and made this little level. It's a short and easy level with not many hazards. Now with a second act! Update v1.1: You can now play this level from a fresh save. Update v2: The water now has colormaps and I've tweaked the level design a...
  17. ACStriker

    SRB2Xtreme: Jade Gully Demo

    Mario Who? Here's the first release of SRB2Xtreme, a project I ended up starting with a port of Jade Gully Act 1 (which is the main feature of this demo), with the namesake of planning to have levels from Sonic X-treme; the cancelled Saturn/PC Sonic game that never came to be, but that we got...
  18. TrustyGun

    Sempiternity Shores Zone

    A three-act zone, complete with a custom boss fight. I initially started working on this before 2.2, but then it came out and I decided to work on the level for 2.2 instead! Please report any issues/bugs you see while playing, and of course criticism is always appreciated.
  19. fickleheart

    The ACZ2 Museum - old pre-2.2 content

    Arid Canyon 2 went through a long development process before being complete. Back before the entire campaign was upgraded to a new standard, this addon documents what an ACZ2 by 2.1 standards was shaping up to be. There are three distinct versions of the map available: the earliest...
  20. FlyingNosaj

    Koopa Kavern Zone (2.1 Port)

    Hello yellow! For those of you who played this stage back in 2.1, welcome back! And to those who haven't played it before, welcome to Koopa Kavern Zone! This is a port of Koopa Kavern, that I made my self, that simply updates it so that it can work with 2.2. In addition, I have made some small...