M/NMario V2

M/NMario V2 V1 Unfinished Beta

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Itsa me a Marifan Mario!
since im bored and dont want to continue working on mmario anymore im releasing this unfinished beta!
Move 1 Spinjump
a mix of the SMW and SM64 Beta spinjumps (can bounce on spikes etc)


mapped to C1
Move 2/Passive ability
P Speed
if youve played mario 3 you know what this does and the concept is pretty simple

hold spin to build speed
Move 3
Lunge Kick

A custom move original to this mod thats heavily inspired by the sm64 kick
A good horizontal launcher that can get you max p speed instantly
hitting a wall causes you to bonk
and it decelerates on ground
Move 4/5/6
NSMB Twirl And Galaxy Twirl and Both Twirl

by pressing jump in air you can twirl (with both mode if you do galaxy twirl pressing jump you do the NSMB twirl) and doing fire with galaxy or both mode will do a ground twirl

Crouch/Crawl/Super Jump

just like any ordinary mario crouch with the exception of the SUPER JUMP!
by crouching and or crawling for a few sounds (around 3 if i can remember) you can do a super jump!
Move 7
Ground Pound
The ground pound from NSMB!

by pressing C3 in air you ground pound! i dont know what else to say

Holding C3 on slopes allows you to slide just like SMW!

Mario_Pspeedhold (on or off) is pretty explanitory
Mario_Pspeedsilent (on or off) also pretty explanitory
Mario_Twirlstyle (1, 2, 3)
1 is for NSMB
2 is for Galaxy
and 3 Is for both
Chat stuff
saying super mario rpg in chat makes mario do the metropolis dance

Sprites and like 3 pieces of code lmao
Pacola Most if not all of the code
made a monitor life icon for us!
IMLOVEUL0 for making the SMRPG OTOMAD music used in the chat command​
All Paper Mario, The Thousand Year Door and Super Paper Mario sounds used
can be found at these links:
sunshine hud stuff
P speed hud
SM64 Slider in Minor theme by Jules Conroy (and obviously koji condo since he composed the song)
SMRPG OTOMAD used in the chat command by ILOVUL0
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This mod is great if I do say so myself, I really like the implementation of Twirl and P-Speed

One thing I don't really like is that the shields don't really protect you from hits, I don't really know if it's on purpose or something, but other than that, pretty good!
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Fuckin' love this mod! Just wish that P-Speed was a tiny bit faster. It would also be neat to see a Standalone P-Speed and Midair-Twirl addon to go hand in hand with the other Bros. addon, I love playing as Luigi but wish I could have an actual active run button.
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This is AMAZING. Plays like pure perfection. Felt like putting on a glove. You're a pro
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great mod for uh
Upvote 0
Uhhh no one left a rating yet so uhhhhh ya
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