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Ever wanted to play as Mario and his bro Luigi in Super Mario World style? No? Oh well!
Have this anyway!

I present you
SMW Bros!

They play (mostly) accurate to the real Super Mario World!
With a moveset consisting of these abilities

Spin - Running/Grabbing
Once grabbing an enemy or an object, let go of spin to throw it

Custom 1 - Spin Jumping
By spin jumping into any type of spike you'll bounce right off it!

Custom 2 - Crouching
This one is pretty self explainatory


Fire Flower powerup - Spin to shoot fireballs

Cape powerup - Flying, spinning and slow fall


Super Mario World is owned by Nintendo
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Latest updates

  1. April Fools revert

    the actual mod is back, the smurf thing for april fools has been removed.
  2. Wait what?!?! new updaet???

    thats right we bakc guyhs and we got some brand new awesomeies such as 3d sprites.... Bugfixes...
  3. cool stuff i think

    uhhuh uhgaudgh read: -Added cape (to get it you need to get a shield while fire mario) -Added...

Latest reviews

Alright, so the mod is good. Has some pretty good abilities from SMW, which is also good, but the mod doesn't have a super form everytime you enter a NIGHTS stage. I'd suggest Mario putting on a cape. Overall, not bad at all.
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tooo peak......
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Awesome mod that is accurate to SMW but will the SMB2 Grab be in this mod from later versions of SMW Like SMM2?
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Surprisingly great in levels, but the inability to slide down hills is a bit of a bummer (not that I blame you, figuring out slopes is hard), and they're completely useless against bosses. I died 10 times in GFZ3 before deciding it wasn't worth it.
Upvote 1
This is really cool char i kinda wished it would be able to do kaizo tricks and a accurate jumping physics but its kinda asking too much this is a really cool addon tho
Upvote 2
Super Mario in real (srb2) life
Upvote 0
really good, but it has some bugs, examples: if you run and twirl you will twirl with the run jump animation, the fireflower clothings are wierd (not a bug), and if you collect more fireflowers when you already have one, you wont be able to shoot fire
it's been fixed
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Pretty good mod! I really enjoyed the enemy-carrying system.
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Both Mario & Luigi sprites needs front and back views like the original game.
Fym super mario world isn't even 3d
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im not leaving you alone, you shouldnt leave luigi out of this!!!
he is peak....
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