gametype: battle

  1. CobaltBW

    SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod

    SRB2 Battle! Also known as "BattleMod" SRB2 Battle is a gameplay modification which radically transforms multiplayer versus into an all-out brawl! Featuring: New mechanics for PvP game modes Ring-consuming special abilities for each character Arena, a deathmatch game mode focused around...
  2. Paps the Echidna

    Triangular Hole Zone - Battle Map

    A fourth v2 patch update is now added for Triangular Hole Zone (v2.4) Changelog: v1 - Inital Release v2 - Bigger map and a lot of other things that I can't even list all of them v2.1 - Triangular Hole is now used for BattleMod only, little changes to map, and filetype is now .pk3 instead of...