gametype: battle

  1. happyalm

    [Battle] Lost Palace Redone (V2.1)

    Download V2.1 Inspired by Krabs' own remakes/edits, simply the CTF map Lost Palace updated for Battle Mode.
  2. SMS Alfredo

    [Reusable] [Battle] Sonic Battle Collection

    Yo dawg, I heard you liked Battle Mod, so we made a Battle Mod for your Battle Mod! This map pack contains ports of all 12 of Sonic Battle's arenas, enhanced with new visuals and mechanics to fit better into SRB2. There's slopes, springs, ice physics and moving floors! In addition, created...
  3. Evertone

    [Reusable] Jade Falls Zone - a Jade Valley remake, 2.2 campaign style

    Upon seeing 2.2's Ringslinger levels, I thought it was a shame they weren't updated, but then I remembered that this is SRB2, and that if you want it you can make it. So, welcome to Jade Falls Zone! This map replaces Jade Vallery, and it is Jade Valley, but bigger, better, and slope-ier. It's...
  4. icykitsuu

    icypack V1 (Battle Mode)

    Hello hello again! This time, I felt like making some maps for Cobalt's battle mode, so there we go! 4 levels for battle mode specifically, didn't test it on other modes, sorry..! 2 levels are original, and 2 are taken from my sp level pack "Way Past Cool!" (edited, of course!). One map taken...
  5. Golden Shine

    [Reusable] Super Mystic Sonic Reborn [SMSreborn-v2.5: Dream Aura]

    This mod adds a new transformation to Sonic, significantly boosting his abilities far beyond what players would usually be expected to handle normally, pushing the limits of what you can do is the name of the game! But be careful, you're not invincible and will lose your form in 2 hits. While...
  6. Krabs

    The Community Battle Map Pack

    Download! The BattleMod community has come together to create a huge map pack - The Community Battle Pack! Featuring maps by a large variety of creators! Please check the credits spreadsheet here:
  7. Zippy_Zolton

    Circuit Redux Map Pack [v2.4.1]

    This mod ports and touches up every vanilla Circuit mode map from 1.09.4 to 2.0! It also contains community maps, thanks to their cooperation. I hope to see a big effort in the future to make this mode more interesting because I see potential in increasing the interaction between other players...
  8. CyanKnight

    Chaos Battle Version 3.1.3

    These are match maps lifted from the grave of Demo 1.08's Chaos mode with intent to be used for the new battle mode by CobaltBW. However they should work fine with Regular match too. "Why?" Well the chaos mode maps have went unused since around 1.09 possibly for the better however Battle mode...
  9. FlyingNosaj

    [Reusable] FlyingNosaj's Battle Pack V5

    These are maps meant to be used with Cobalt's SRB2Battle mod! Download that here: What is this "Battle Pack"? This is a set of match maps that were primarily made with Cobalt's SRB2Battle mod in mind. All of the maps featured are of low...
  10. CobaltBW

    SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod

    SRB2 Battle! Also known as "BattleMod" SRB2 Battle is a gameplay modification which radically transforms multiplayer versus into an all-out brawl! Featuring: New mechanics for PvP game modes Ring-consuming special abilities for each character Arena, a deathmatch game mode focused around...
  11. Paps the Echidna

    Triangular Hole Zone - Battle Map

    A fourth v2 patch update is now added for Triangular Hole Zone (v2.4) Changelog: v1 - Inital Release v2 - Bigger map and a lot of other things that I can't even list all of them v2.1 - Triangular Hole is now used for BattleMod only, little changes to map, and filetype is now .pk3 instead of...