custom gametype

  1. EXALT

    [Open Assets] Explosive Speed (Custom Gamemode) - Boost to Win! For a Price...

    Spend time to boost whenever you want! Don't run out of time or you'll explode! Complete laps and hit foes to gain more time. Be the last kart standing to win! There is a built-in tutorial for new players if you want to jump right in, but details on the mechanics can be found below...
  2. Lat'

    [1.3.5] SRB2 Persona: Multiplayer Demo

    Join the SRB2P Discord! This is the best place to talk about SRB2P and find people to play with as well as report bugs for me to keep things organized if you find anything! Check out the SRB2P Modding Documentation! DOWNLOAD: Windows: Check Thread Downloads OR Full installer provided here if...
  3. clairebun

    Egg Robo Tag

    Egg Robo Tag transforms tagged players into egg robos that can fire charged lasers and lay traps to catch unsuspecting players. Originally debuting as a BattleMod gametype, it's been repackaged standalone and updated with improved movement physics and laser mechanics for a more refined...
  4. C

    Gametype Plus (With Multiteam!)

    Adds 3 new Gametypes like Team Race, Team Competition, and a Halo inspired Multiteam. Rules
  5. NeonSRB2

    [Open Assets] [OBSOLETE] The Chaos Gametype RETURNS!!

    After seeing Princess Draykon's chaos mode script I saw that chaos was quite the piece of content before it was eventually disabled and later removed from the source entirely, starting with 1.09.4. And as I would say, if the content is optional, then I wouldn't care if it was worse than the...
  6. Zipper


    Finally, an alternative to the thok: Replacing SRB2 with a rhythm game. This was a funny side project I started back in March, to get over my fear of drawing stuff on the HUD, then it snowballed into something silly. From adding a menu, to options, to entire idol teams that do nothing more than...
  7. K

    [Open Assets] Battle2D + Meadow 2D - A New Form of Ringslinger and BattleMod

    The primary feature of this script is adding a mouse-controllable crosshair to 2D Ringslinger and Match - when enabled, your character will aim and act in the direction of the crosshair, regardless of your movement direction. By default, it is enabled when ringslinger is enabled, or when a...
  8. DirkTheHusky

    Encore Mode - In beta; Multiplayer only

    Returning from 2.1 and making its way to 2.2, Encore mode from Sonic Mania Plus! In this mode, you start with one character (Sonic by default) and take on through the main campaign with a whole new twist. Mainly, this mode's life counter depends on how many characters you have in your stock...
  9. Snu

    [Script] Team SRB2Kart Racing, a mod based on Team Sonic Racing! (KL_tsrb2kr-v2.pk3)

    A mod that I've been working on for waaaaay longer than I'm willing to admit; Team SRB2Kart Racing! Team SRB2Kart Racing is a mod that brings Team Sonic Racing's gameplay into SRB2Kart! Some of the mechanics from TSR have also been rebalanced to not be over-centralizing as well, such as item...
  10. Rapidgame7


    Welcome to SRB2Ware! Participate in a series of microminigames and win to earn points, then reach the top of the scoreboard! SRB2Ware is a custom gamemode inspired by TF2Ware, which is in turn inspired by the gameplay style of WarioWare. The goal of SRB2Ware is to be the highest scoring...
  11. StarManiaKG

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Deathrun

    Hey, you! Yeah, you! Are you interested in killing People? Are you interested in probably committing several crimes and possibly making your friends upset at you? No? Yes? Well, in any case, Welcome to Deathrun! [/COLOR] [/spoiler][/CENTER] [/spoiler]
  12. Flame

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Dungeon Crawler [v2.0.2] - A Rogue-like SRB2 experience

    How fast can you and your friends clear a 50 floor dungeon in this... SRB2 Dungeon Crawler Intro Fight through randomly generated levels with increasing difficulty (Max: 5). Most Levels will have randomly generated enemies, and (basic) hazards. If you think this is crazy, or if you think...
  13. Callmore

    [Open Assets] Frontrun (Custom gamemode)

    Front-run to drain your own timer. Drain your timer completely to win! More complex rule description Stay in first place to drain your own timer. If you can drain your own timer down to 0, you win! Being not in first while below 10 seconds refills your timer slowly. Falling off (or dying)...
  14. Lugent

    Last Man Standing v1.1 - Be the Last Man Standing!

    Introducing, Last Man Standing. Is't a custom gametype that recreates Last Man Standing gamemode from some shooter games. (Skulltag & Zandronum for example). GAMEPLAY CONSOLE VARIABLES OTHER FEATURES CHANGELOG
  15. Flame

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Tron (SRB2T) [v2.3.1] - Tron meets SRB2

    The classic gameplay style of Tron's Light Cycles makes an appearance in SRB2. You're constantly moving forward, you don't stop once you enter the game. Your goal? Outmaneuver your opponents as you move in a maze like pattern. Try to force the enemy into walls and even your own jet trail, while...
  16. Sharb

    [Open Assets] SRB2 Prop hunt

    SRB2 PROP HUNT How good are you at hiding in plain sight? Download here (please read the thread) This is a custom game mode I've been working on since 2.2 first came out to port the popular game mode from GMOD and TF2 called prop hunt. For those who don't know what prop hunt is, prop...
  17. SMS Alfredo

    [Open Assets] Ring Hunt

    ---------------------------------------------------------------- Ring Hunt is exactly what it sounds like. It takes the concept of the Perfect Bonus and turns it into fun cooperative multiplayer experience! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Collect Rings...
  18. clairebun

    SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod

    SRB2 Battle! Also known as "BattleMod" SRB2 Battle is a gameplay modification which radically transforms multiplayer versus into an all-out brawl! Featuring: New mechanics for PvP game modes Ring-consuming special abilities for each character Arena, a deathmatch game mode focused around...
  19. Flame

    SRB2 Bomberman (SRB2B) [vB-001]

    Talk about a blast from the past. It's back, and recreated in Lua a decade later! Announcement Trailer SRB2 Bomberman (SRB2B) Version: vB-001 Twitter Youtube? Intro Bomberman. You plant bombs, you move in a 4 directional maze-like-pattern (Usually) and collect power-ups to cause more...
  20. MikeTheDigiFen

    [Open Assets] Freeplay - A SRB2 Server Mod - 2.2 release

    Freeplay will be known as Online+ after the V3 update In addition to the V3 Update, the Sandbox gametype will be removed and made into its own mod as it will require a lot of work to stop it from crashing servers and to make it simpler to use. Also V3 is currently in alpha so there may be a test...