character: miles "tails" prower

  1. D00D64

    [Open Assets] Espibee & So-Called "Friends" ("SPB-chan" + DVoices)

    No one can save you now. ~ Espibee the... SPB I had the idea of making an SPB as an android girl for awhile (after a few people actually made their own anthro SPBs), but after seeing A Mod That Ruins SRB2, I was like "Okay, I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna make one myself!" As part of my resolution...
  2. Chuckles troll

    [Open Assets] SSNTails (Tails Legacy)

    Hey there do you prefer the old Tails? If yes it your perfect day, you see that old legacy tails that alot of people miss him The old SSNTails is back with his old spindash speed and his style He join the legacy gangs Credits SSNTails for his original sprites Night frame made by...
  3. Mystic Akito

    [Open Assets] MultiAblility for Everyone!!!

    Some people may have thought Holdfly for tails was going to be in Vanilla SRB2, well sadly he didn't get it... Well then I came out of nowhere and Created this. Introducing Multi Ability for Everyone! This script allows you to use everyone's ability more than once, which can lead to some funny...
  4. Tripel the fox

    Tails Guy

    He's back from 2.1, ready to continue shooting all the things! Tails Guy, being essentially Doomguy but with SSN's beautiful Tails head, weilds an arsenal of guns to shoot people with. A shotgun that fires like an actual shotgun this time! A rocket launcher, which he can use to rocket jump...
  5. GameBoyTM101

    [Open Assets] Hyper Abilities

    With permission from both MotdSpork and HitCoder, I have polished up and ported this script to v2.2.x. Now you too can enjoy the full glory of the seizure-inducing Hypersonic Hedgehog and friends! BONUS: For those looking to create custom characters that wish to use this script, I have...
  6. Mystic Akito

    [Open Assets] All Characters super!

    I (and people that helped me) created a script that allows every character to become super! In Vanilla SRB2, only Sonic and Metal Sonic are allowed to become super, but with this script, Everyone can! --Helpers-- LJSonic Tatsuru Golden Laby (This is my second submission, so please pardon how...
  7. Elyos03

    [Open Assets] Overhauled Legacy Trio (+ Legacy Sonic) & Knuckles

    Uhh... I think there's been a mistake. Remember these guys? They are back and better than ever! With the courtesy of the art of the one and only SSNTails. As for Knuckles, Chrispy did his part. (Though I used a wad with a HiRes playable version of Legacy Sonic and ports of Legacy Tails...