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Amy SRB2 Credits Artwork.png

Have no fear, Amy Rose is here, and with a brand new set of abilities inspired by Superstars and Origins to boot! While she can now Spin Jump and roll, her hammer is no longer capable of breaking spikes or boosting springs. However, with her ability to still bust walls and floors, Superstars Amy (Samy, for short and a jab at Origins) finds herself to be flexible in taking whatever route she pleases.

NOTE: Samy uses a separate skin from vanilla Amy. This is to allow for freedom in netplay and avoid reloading the game.

Spin Jump/Spin Dash
Samy trades off some of vanilla Amy's jump height for the ability to spin! This allows her to roll under crevices and jump on enemies.


Hammer Attack
Press Jump again after a jump for a small boost up into the air. It's not a very strong double jump, being weaker than the Whirlwind Shield, but it does come with another function...


Floor/Wall Busting
In the Hammer Attack state, Samy is capable of breaking both walls and floors! This allows her to access routes some characters can not progress through. However, unlike vanilla Amy, spikes can not be broken, and springs are unable to be boosted when hit.


Hammer Rush
If you keep Jump held after initiating the hammer attack, and then hit the ground after hearing the revving noise, you will transition into the Hammer Rush attack! In this state, Amy will instantly rush forward at her regular max speed, overriding the speed boost from sneakers or speed from momentum, and can still move around with full control. Any enemy that collides with her will be damaged. Samy will continue rushing forward as long as Jump is held throughout, but can be taken out of it if she lets go of Jump, rushes for more than a second, or is taken airborne somehow. If you let go of Jump after hearing the revving noise before landing, she will cancel the maneuver.


Hammer Rush Wall Busting
Samy will also bust walls without any interruption in this state! However, spikes and springs are not effected as well, and she can not break floors in this state.


Combining these moves together, Samy is capable of taking almost any route both safely and swiftly. Not all routes will be accessible to her, however.​


Super Form
Samy is also capable of going Super Samy with all 7 Chaos Emeralds! While she does obtain a speed and jump height boost, she does not gain any new abilities.


Samy & Tails
In Single Player, an option to pick Samy and Tails is available on the Character Select! It functions identically to Sonic & Tails.​

Tripel The Fox
Helped with playtesting, programming for floor busting, and miscellaneous adjustments.

Helped with playtesting.
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Latest reviews

Apologies for the 1-star review, but there are some things I need you to take into account. As of v2.2.12, you can make save files with custom characters, meaning the reason for putting this Amy as her own skin is pointless now. Also, it just doesn't feel right that Amy can't break spikes, power up springs, or break through floors the normal way.

This is in a few ways superior to the Origins Plus Amy Rose mod by Rascally Rosy in my opinion, but the fact that she's a separate skin to the regular Amy is the equivalent to a slap in the face.
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this is a fun take on a character, with the cheery on top being it doesn't take up the space of an underrated character.
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Finally,the Amy i wanted to play as is finally here! The moveset is really fun,and its really nice to see some things for Amy,instead of just Sonic/OC/Crossover character mods we usually get.
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Nothing to really say about this tbh. This is just a really good alt Amy moveset replicated perfectly into SRB2. Although removing the ability to break spikes and power up springs is an unnecessary removal. She's the only character that can power up springs in base SRB2 afaik, so to remove that makes the mechanic kinda redundant now. I got good use out of it before.
I did that mostly since I thought that it'd make her just almost an objectively better choice over vanilla Amy if I went through with it, while also maintaining accuracy to the source material being adapted. It was something I considered early on, though, but I think this way, both Amys have their own drawbacks and advantages to picking them.
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Generally I don't have the courage to leave reviews, but I think this'll be my first one.
To be honest? I think I like this Amy better than what base SRB2 has! She's more fun to play in a general sense without being a hard mode that I feel didn't suit her by comparison.

I do, however, have 2 nitpicks that I have and wonder if you can address them:
1) When using the hammer, I'm not entirely sure if her hitbox becomes bigger or not? It's not a game changer but I wonder if that could be considered so that it does become bigger?
2) Sprite-wise I noticed that the hammer movements are just taking her base-game hammer sprites and putting them on loop. Spriting is hard and tedious so I can understand why this was done, but I feel that's something to possibly look forward to: having unique sprites to fit the actual actions in the future.

Reminder that these are just nitpicks! Aside from these, I'm much more comfortable and excited to play this version of Amy, so thanks and good job on this!
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Welcome to releases!
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