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Origins Plus Amy Rose v1.0

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~ Oh, boy! Is it the year of Amy? Perfect time to give her another moveset mod! ~

I have been working on this mod for a while now, and I'm extremely excited to see it going in releases! :D

Amy's moveset has been altered to match her moveset in the new game Sonic Origins Plus! Her moveset is as follows:

~ Hammer Shield ~

Yes, I know Origins Plus just calls this move the Aerial Hammer Attack, but I decided to come up with another name for it for funsies! Anyways, the Hammer Shield works very similarly to Origins Plus. When used, it extends Amy's attack range and easily allows her to hit enemies! Unlike Origins Plus, hitting an enemy with Amy's hammer while holding down jump will grant you some extra height! Once you bounce off of an enemy once, you won't be able to gain anymore extra height from it! If you land while holding down the jump button, this move will lead into...

~ Hammer Rush ~

The Hammer Rush will cause Amy to dash to her max speed instantly, with her repeatedly swinging her hammer to attack enemies! Unlike Origins Plus, this also spawns a few heart particles, which are also seen in vanilla Amy's moveset! These hearts will help damage enemies and even give allies pink pity shields! The Hammer Rush can also be activated on command if you press spin while moving, but it won't spawn any heart particles or make Amy dash forward!

~ Spindash ~

It's the typical spindash, self-explanatory! I decided to make Amy run in place while charging up, I know this isn't in Origins Plus, but I just wanted to add it for fun! It doesn't impact the spindash itself, so you can still damage enemies in this state!

In addition, Amy gets a new running animation inspired by her appearance in Origins Plus!
Amy also gets a pretty new skincolor inspired by her appearance in Origins Plus!

~ I hope you enjoy this mod as much as I did making it! ~ :wonderful:
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Rascally Rosy
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Latest reviews

i cat get her to show up for some reason but i saw some gameplay and it looks awesome!
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good recreation, I'd like to see the Double jump from Superstars included
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Apologies for the 2-star review if you feel offended from it, but this has to be the worst recreation of Origins Plus Amy I have ever seen. My main problem with it is that the Hammer Rush should not be activated by tapping spin while moving, and instead be the roll that every other spin character has. Also, I don't know why Amy runs in place while charging the spindash. This isn't Sonic Advance 2. And Amy didn't run in place while charging a spindash in Origins Plus anyway.

The one thing that would make me change my mind about this mod is if these issues are addressed, and the Hammer Shield could be adjusted to work like in Superstars; Amy has a double jump from it, and the Hammer Rush lasts longer.
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Great mod love it but I do have a suggestion why not give her a proper spin dash animation like sonic instead of the advance 2 spin dash amy does if replaced with the spin dash animation it would match origins plus
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It's a fine character. but it replaces a character that I like, this is more like a Lua more than a character.
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Rosy, you continue to impress us with your amy mods.
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Great Job Rosy, You're work amazes me!
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ngl the abilities in this mod are cool as hell
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