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Almost Super Sonic [V1.1] Details »»
Almost Super Sonic [V1.1]
Version: 1.1, by Frostiikin (Insert funny hahas here) Frostiikin is offline
Developer Last Online: Sep 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (4 votes - 4.40 average)
Released: 04-06-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 5
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Almost Super Sonic

Thank you so much for this css art drsteph you are a living god

Sonic dropped one of the emeralds while transforming, and now he's unable to revert to his normal form. While this sounds like a good thing at first, it's more of a hindrance then anything else, since he'll slowly tire out due to over-exertion. People also started calling him an ass for some reason.

So, what makes him different from normal old super sonic?

Stat drain
This is by far his biggest change. Instead of consuming rings, Almost Super Sonic's stats (Jump height, Spindash power, Speed, Thok power) slowly get worse over time, turning him into the ultimate speedrun character. Can you beat the level before it becomes impossible? (You can press custom 3 to die instantly if you get softlocked)

By pressing spin with no shield, you're able to float in the air, however, since sonic was unable to use the emeralds' full power, you will slowly fall while floating.

You can run into enemies to defeat them like normal, and you're incapable of losing rings, but you can still get hit, so you can't just cheese levels by abusing your invincibility to get past beds of spikes or erz's lasers.

Shield usage
Since he's not quite super, Almost Super Sonic is still capable of utilizing the abilities of shields, however, getting hit will still make you loose your shield, so be careful.

Instant Emeralds
Almost Super Sonic doesn't need to complete any special stages to get the true ending, however, he's incapable of using the emeralds to turn super for obvious reasons. (Does not apply to netgames.)



V1.1: Fixed you not dying when your stats hit rock bottom, changed the hudname to A.S.S, and added a hud element that shows you how far your stats have dropped, and added a small easter egg courtesy of Man553.

SMS Alfredo#7974
Most of the coding for this little idea I had. Truly wouldn't have been possible without him.
Code that gives you all the emeralds as soon as you spawn in singleplayer
Ideas and edited sprites
Base game's incredible super sonic sprites that were used for the majority of A.S.S.'s frames.
Incredible css art that he just gave me out of the blue, it's SO much better then what I originally created for this lmao

Download Now

File Type: pk3 VCL_ASS-v1.1.pk3 (246.8 KB, 5324 views)


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Old 06-01-2020   #22
The living revolution
carlrev's Avatar

Apparently, my version of SLADE contains a virus and cannot operate anymore. I originally thought this mod was the cause.
Long live the revolution!
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Old 08-15-2020   #23
Quetzo The Quetno
Quetzo's Avatar
Default This Mod Is Dark

This Mod Is Dark, Think About It, Now For The Player Its "Aw Crumbs, I Cant Jump Over This Hill." But Think About Sonic Here, He's Slowly Being Crippled, All Because He's In A State Thats Supposed To Make Him Better, Just Slowly, Losing The Ability To Walk, And Jump, And Once He Loses His Ability To Move, His Life Ends, All Over Being Powerful.

Anyways, This Is A Great Challenge.
I Make Sprite Things, But I Dont Know How To Change Perspective, Also

S R B 3 W H E N ?
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #24
Robert Akio

This is a Sonic mod where Super Sonic loses his stats over time? How unique and odd. Question though, how do you trigger the Hyper Sonic thing if he has one? Since that's the easter egg thing from what I gathered?
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #25
Supahsta's Avatar

Originally Posted by Robert Akio View Post
This is a Sonic mod where Super Sonic loses his stats over time? How unique and odd. Question though, how do you trigger the Hyper Sonic thing if he has one? Since that's the easter egg thing from what I gathered?
Pandora's Box's Super Form cheat
Thanks for the gold kind stranger chunghus 1000
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #26
Robert Akio

I just used some cheats I already have to be able to access Hyper Almost Super Sonic. Thank goodness for downloading stuff upon joining games that have said things. It's also what helped me to get Modern Sonic, Silver, Mario and Luigi and Xtreme Sonic.
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Old 1 Week Ago   #27
Robert Akio

Anyways, I really like the concept that Almost Super Sonic gives. He makes for a really good way to test people on how they memorize a level, and how to find the most optimal path to get to the goal. It makes for a really interesting little gimmick, and I like the powers he has as well.
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Old 12 Hours Ago   #28
Robert Akio

Oh my gooooosh! I had realized something. Almost Super Sonic could be STCs Super Sonic but good! Remember that time in STC when Super Sonic had amnesia and was separated from Sonic? And how he would have died if he didn't get more Chaos energy in him? Changing him a bit to have that Super Sonics swirly eyes and the stat thing as from him needing Chaos energy makes perfect sense!
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