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The Derp v1 Details »»
The Derp v1
Version: v1, by Soap Surfin Soap Surfin is offline
Developer Last Online: Jun 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (9 votes - 4.44 average)
Released: 04-28-2020 Last Update: Never Favourites: 12
Characters Scripts

Everyone's... second... maybe third... Favorite Sphere is Finally Here!


The Derp has some tricks up his glove to get through levels in a stylized way!


Derp's versatility is stylized for beginners, but his skill cap is great for veterans!

Bounce: by double jumping, Derp will initiate a bounce! He can use it up to 3 times before striking a pose!

Boomearang: by pressing spin, Derp will be able to throw his ear like a boomerang, being able to hit objects and enemies. Even other players!


Derp's poses are for show, but some are references that almost no one will get. Don't worry if you don't understand them!

Use console command "poseset" to set how you want the poses,
None: No poses will show up, and will show his spring frame instead.
Common: Only Derp's normal, non-memey poses will show up. This is the default setting.
All: Experience all of Derp's poses, memes and all.


Lach: Coding
SanicTheSanic and White: Main Spriting
KamiJoJo and KÝbito┴yame: Spriting Help

Special Thanks to everyone who beta tested Derp!

Download Now

File Type: pk3 VCL_TheDerp-v1.pk3 (642.4 KB, 2792 views)


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Name:	DerpCSS.png
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Name:	srb20203.gif
Views:	452
Size:	5.01 MB
ID:	30296  

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Old 04-28-2020   #22
Having a good time.
RedySanic's Avatar

The derp is finally in srb2 YAY
Wait earless is a god
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Old 04-28-2020   #23
「AxeCrusader」's Avatar

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Old 04-28-2020   #24
leave me alone ;v
ClassicNC's Avatar

The boy is back. The boy with the quotation marks on his head is back. Good work.

This reminds me a lot of FANG!
jake got hit by the sonic boom
jake has passed

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Old 04-28-2020   #25
"Hat Boi" in netgames.
Gameobatts's Avatar

hehe funy skeleton
Fun to play with. Especially with the meme poses. Also kirb support.
Chibi-Robo in development.
hey also could you change my name to "Hat Boi" please
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Old 04-30-2020   #26
icykitsuu's Avatar

He's finally HERE! what a cutie!!
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Old 05-28-2020   #27
Part of the SSG3 team
STG3's Avatar

I main him.
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Old 05-28-2020   #28
Living my dreams as always
Daviroll_Limit's Avatar

he bounce
he fun
but most importantly
he derp
Originally Posted by Pc-98 Fan (me)
"curious about my pfp? i used various picrews makers"
my discord name: 「デビッド~」|PC-98|#4594 (i know, very original)
My Twitter Account (fixed the link, plus the account is no more on hiatus)
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Old 05-28-2020   #29
TehPuertoRicanSpartan's Avatar

ah yes, enslaved silliness
Originally Posted by Silver Sonic View Post
Rude. You could at least use the releases thread and cut the cursing...
Originally Posted by Icarus View Post
I agree with Silver on this one, could you please refrain from using cuss words?
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Old 05-30-2020   #30

The silliest bunny boy that doesn't exist....
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Old 05-30-2020   #31
ElMateito987's Avatar

the perfect combination
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	srb20058.png
Views:	99
Size:	147.7 KB
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Old 05-31-2020   #32
Fehn Goat
Fehn mandson

nice, just downloaded it
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Old 06-01-2020   #33
ffoxD's Avatar

He looks like Starlow from Mario and Luigi but with quotation marks instead of a star...
I like him, I had fun with him and I like that if you bounce from a really high place you bounce really high!
I don't like that you need to press spin twice to tarrget enemies, I often get hurt using that attack and I usually attack enemies by bouncing on them.
Still, one of my favourite spheres! (I like him more than Starlow, Starlow is just... useless)
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Old 06-04-2020   #34
[Insert meme here]
Jonster's Avatar

How someone manages to make a white sphere with rayman limbs be extremely fun and rewarding to play when skill is involved is beyond me, but here we are, I guess.

All jokes aside, this is very fun and well made! The animations and the gameplay are some of the best I've ever seen ever seen. Also those poses are just...... wow
I am now sans undertale go into my eye
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Last edited by Jonster; 06-04-2020 at 03:58 PM. Reason: Did an oopsie when trying to make the final word look cool
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