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The CyberDime Realm (Virtual Simplicity) Details »»
The CyberDime Realm (Virtual Simplicity)
Version: 1.3, by Zeno Zeno is offline
Developer Last Online: Jul 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (25 votes - 3.24 average)
Released: 01-29-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 8
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

Hello. So The CyberDime Realm is essentially a big solo project of mine that i started back in the middle of 2018, and is a sort of simple but a very large collection of levels that i have been gradually adding and expanding on to. They aren't too terribly organised so the overall challenge factor greatly varies. All the extra characters unlocked from the main game can be played here right from the start.

Now believe it or not, but this thing has a story! Big props to my friend LightSpeedAngel for originally making this.
After fighting Brak Eggman in Egg Rock, Sonic & the gang safely escape from the crumbling space station
via escape capsule they began to approach the planets surface, a strange beam of light emerges from the nearby
monitor that proceeded to blind the gang.
Next thing they noticed was that they were on a...beach?, it was unusually quiet. The capsule was mysteriously
nowhere to be found. But the gang quickly press on forwards.
they suddenly find themselves strangely teleported in to what appears to be Green Hill but at sunrise.
As the gang presses forward they start to see some faint but strange distortions in the land.
From familar locations to cold mountains to barren wastelands, deserts and even a abandoned city...It all just seems so...
It's almost as if this world isnt real...

Credits for all the reusable content.
  • Wrecking Ball & The Cut ERZ3 Bosses by FuriousFox
  • Egg SandSub by Blade
  • Knuckles Boss by The Underground
  • Egg Frostburn port by Deus
  • Lat for the AMT Crawla
  • All Super LUA by Aquatic Akito
  • TehRealSalt for the Game Gear Capsules


Initial release

  • Green Hill, Bridge, Marble & Hidden Palace Zone are no longer in the level rotation, (though you can still pick them from the level select.)
  • Marble Zone's enemy count has been reduce by a tiny amount.
  • The first checkpoint in Marble 2 has also been moved forward a bit, so you shouldn't get stuck in the doorway anymore.
  • Most of the "Leaps of faith" have removed and replaced with something less confusing.
  • A very small amount of decorative details added to a few of the levels.
  • Some minor texture changes to Shoal Coast.

  • You can now unlock and play Record attack.
  • Ring, Time & Score Emblems have been appropiately added for it aswell.
  • Updated a bunch of old level select pics. (Honestly alot of them were extremely outdated and garbage, didn't reflect the current state of the level very well)
  • Custom boss music has been added in. (Only for eggman as of right now.)
  • Shoal Coast has had more texture changes.
  • The slope at the end of the level has been replaced and made way less arbitrary.
  • Some more texture changes in a few other levels to be slightly less clashing.
  • The classic levels have all been moved and given their own category now.
  • Marble Zone's enemy count has been cut down again, this time to reduce the local Robo-Hood population.
  • All but a select few of the "leaps of faith" are gone.
  • Nightlight Gully & Terrance Trees have undergone theme changes.
  • Certain sections of Chilly Cliffs has been merged into Shrewd Blizzard, (mainly for act 2) meaning there is only one snow level now.
  • Barren Valley has been completely gutted from the mod now.
  • Shrewd Blizzard, Terrance Trees (Now Mountain), Molten Tunnels & Dark Woods (rip Robohood) have different bosses now.
  • Players now start most of the boss acts with 5 rings.
  • Added some TNT barrels to fang's arena to make the fight slightly more entertaining.
  • Fixed a potential softlock in Cyberdime 3.
  • Cyberdime Zone now has a different sky.
  • And many other tweaks that i'm not going to list here. Both in level design and a bunch of minor things.
  • Also updated the credits list.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Fixed the old Eggscalibur's LUA causing lag in multiplayer.

  • All 3 acts of Dry Gulch have almost been completely reworked. Act 1 is mostly a drastic overhaul, still featuring some old
    familiar areas mixed in with new ones where as Act 2 & 3 is remade entirely. And now has a bigger emphasis on the Desert Temple theme.
  • As part of the second wave of aesthetic upgrades, Desolated City has gone under a bit of a paint job, many of the buildings are
    now sporting different colours, and added a small amount of decorative destruction to the level..
  • Techno Trouble has also undergone a partial theme change. Now called Amaranthine Outpost.
  • Barren Valley returns (and is now called Timeless Wastes) and has been heavily overhauled, all 3 acts have now been merged
    into one level & is sporting some small changes in the level design and many, many decorative details added. Oh and the music has
    been changed aswell. (Unlockable Level)
  • Terrance Trees also returns and has also been merged into a single act (except for act 3), aswell as a few small similar changes
    to it's spookier counterpart. (Also Unlockable)
  • All of the classic levels have been removed from the mod, but they will return in some other fashion.
  • Added in new music for a bunch of levels.
  • Added in some short sections for Fang for the parts he gets stuck/softlocked in Shrewd Blizzard 1 & Terrance Mountain 2.
  • Updated some of the level select pics again.
  • Way too many more texture changes. (are you seeing a pattern here?)
  • And of course a bunch of minor other fixed stuff that i'm not listing here.

  • Another bug fix update.

  • Even more bugs fixed!
  • Added custom music to Dark Woods 2.
  • Updated the Greenflower section in Cyberdime 1 to feature the 2.2 version now.

Download Now

File Type: pk3 VSL_CyberDimeRealm-v1.3.2.pk3 (24.57 MB, 1694 views)


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Old 06-04-2020   #82
Zeno's Avatar

Another minor update, check the changelog
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #83
Silver Sonic
Silver Sonic's Avatar

I played through this the last 2 days. And I am seriously impressed.

I didn't expect to find this level of creativity, detail, quality and fun in a level pack this huge! Thank you for all the effort and time you must have put into this, it blew my mind.
Silver Sonic is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 4 Weeks Ago   #84

I put off playing this for ages because I thought the name was kind of dumb, but I finally went through it over the last few days and wow, this is mostly really good! The bosses are the worst. Just the absolute worst, my god. Not one of them is any fun to fight, aside from the two that are just ripped from the regular game and put in a slightly different arena. I haven't finished the final boss legitimately, congrats on making noted terrible boss Brak Eggman even worse somehow.

But on the good side, all the levels are well put-together! I pretty much never got lost, although I didn't bother exploring much, which I can't say for even a lot of the levels in the base game. I'm not very good at judging what I like, but I can tell you that I'm very good at pointing out things I don't like, and I saw hardly anything I didn't like in these levels. Wasn't the biggest fan of the sand slide in Dry Gulch 2 that can run you into a spike wall kind of blind, but that's a tiny thing.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #85
A.K.A Kasumi-Sonic.
PrincessPeachfan2017's Avatar

Ok, after a small playthrough with Donnyku's Amy, (character quite hard to beat certain levels) This was a blast! The levels have a lot of creativity in their design, they all feel fun and fresh, especially how character-friendly it is, Mostly alot of add-on characters can get past it with no trouble, even the slower ones that can't spin, forexample. (Donny's Amy)
It was a pretty cool experience, no doubt!
Keep up the great work, this really is a nice pack.
''Eugh, now I must reschedule.. Know how hard it is to find dentist when I HAVE BEAK?! I hope it was worth it. Ugh... HE'S NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL NEXT MONTH!''
- Wave, the French Bird

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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #86
live and learn
rocklight124's Avatar

where did the classic levels go.
life is like a cloud a lightside and a darkside with a silver lining in between.
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #87
Zeno's Avatar

Originally Posted by rocklight124 View Post
where did the classic levels go.

They're in a separate wad now, i just haven't gotten around to posting it yet (been very occupied with working on updates and playing other games recently)
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Old 3 Weeks Ago   #88
live and learn
rocklight124's Avatar

Originally Posted by Zeno View Post
They're in a separate wad now, i just haven't gotten around to posting it yet (been very occupied with working on updates and playing other games recently)
Thanks. I love those Levels, but Take your time. I was just wondering where it went.
life is like a cloud a lightside and a darkside with a silver lining in between.
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #89
The unreliable judge
MellowJacket's Avatar

I just played through v1.3.2, and I've got to say. I'm very happy to see the changes that were made to the pack! The level design adjustments went a long way to iron out the problems I had with some of the design choices before, and I greatly appreciate the theme changing in a few levels to help differentiate some of the zones from each other. Thanks for putting in the time in to keep updating after release!
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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Old 6 Days Ago   #90

for me this level pack is the first thing i never seen in this game and theres only ONE thing i noticed when playing this level pack online...this level pack is very punitive to laggy player.Like i died a lot because of my input lag online and it destroyed the magic,exept that detail this level pack did grown very well and i will keep loving it
The true good french player
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Old 5 Days Ago   #91
Just call me Vile

Went through to try and perfect everything, but I realised that it's impossible on these levels:

Shrewd Blizzard 1
Amaranthine Outpost 1
Desolate City 2
Desolate City 3

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