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SRB2 Apologue Pack
Version: v2.0, by RomioTheBadass (PK3 Fetishist) RomioTheBadass is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (5 votes - 3.80 average)
Released: 12-27-2019 Last Update: Never Installs: 2
Single Player Levels Multiplayer Levels

Apologue Pack is a set of Singleplayer / Co-op levels I've worked on for SRB2, turned into a neat short little campaign-style experience.

(Note: Fang and Amy are not supported)


  • Lots of visual tweaks to several levels.
  • Music now loops properly for MRZ and TWZ.
  • Various changes and reworks to several questionable areas to make the levels flow better.
  • Re-ordered the levels to make the difficulty curve more consistent, no more easy levels late in the campaign or difficult levels early on.
  • Slightly altered MMZ Theme so we don't have theme overlapping, to give each level its own identity (Thanks Frostiikin!)
  • Extended FHZ with an additional section near the end and added a short alt path near the start to bring it to a length similar to the rest of the levels (Thanks Ace Dragon!)
  • Added a new Boss Battle after QCZ, bringing the boss battles count to 3.
  • The Boss battles are evenly spread across the campaign now, and each make use of different gimmicks to make them stand out against each other.
  • Hid 7 Chaos Emeralds in the levels.
  • Renamed the MAPSLOTS so they don't overwrite the default game levels, so those who like to have multiple levelpacks loaded in their servers can do so.
  • Enabled Record Attack.
  • Removed credits, intro and outro cutscenes so the players don't have to sit through them again after finishing the last level (Thanks Telnaior!)
  • 2 cute small unlockables added, 1 for completing the game and 1 for finding all emeralds.

  • 8 Unique platforming stages.
  • 7 Hidden Chaos Emeralds.
  • 3 Boss battles
  • ?

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File Type: pk3 VS_SRB2Apologue-v2.0.pk3 (7.81 MB, 593 views)


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Old 01-13-2020   #42
Ace Dragon
Ace Dragon's Avatar

Not bad at all, it's not perfect, but you seem to be dedicated to improving it and I like seeing user-made campaigns.

If you're looking for improvement ideas, you could perhaps look at making the level lengths more consistent with each other and fix the other spot in QCZ that still has the Hall of Mirrors effect (which I believe is near the stage's end). You could also look at making the difficulty curve a bit smoother (as it spikes in the second half of Frozen Hill Zone and slumps in Sunken Library Zone, though the former point is mainly true when playing with Sonic).

Again, just some ideas based on how the official campaign is put together.
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Old 01-14-2020   #43
PK3 Fetishist

Thanks! The HOM near the end of QCZ is caused by some slopes nearby apprently, sadly I couldn't figure out how to fix it, adding thok barriers there didn't do much so I have a feeling this is a bug in SRB2 itself but I could be wrong. I got some more time today and figured it would be nice to change a couple more things:
  • Removed the intro, outro and credits. Thanks Telnaior!
  • Moved MMZ to be a late game level and SLZ to be one of the early game levels, this is an attempt to make the difficulty curve more consistent, Thanks Ace Dragon!
  • Slightly extended FHZ near the end and added enemies to the level, should feel at least on par with the early levels of the campaign.
  • SLZ exit updated so it's not easy to miss.
  • SLZ bookcase flat near the end of the stage is now aligned properly.
  • Fixed some untagged death pits in SLZ.
Also known as "RTB" on Discord

Sonic 3D Ass: Horrible camera island.

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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #44
PK3 Fetishist

Hey guys, I just uploaded a new version, change of plans, I want to work on something fresh instead so this update focuses on tying some loose ends to make the whole thing feel cohesive:
  • Added 1 Hidden Chaos Emerald in Each Stage.
  • The Special Stages idea was scrapped, I want to dedicate that energy into making an all new original stage instead, so instead the Special Stage was slightly modified and turned into an unlockable stage as a reward for finding all Chaos Emeralds.
  • Various minor visual updates to all levels, especially MMZ starting area.
  • Updated the egg capsules in each boss act visually, this also fixes the slime trail issues.
  • QCZ now has a boss act, so we currently have 3 boss acts evenly spread across the campaign.
  • Cleaned up Level Headers a bit more to get rid of non-existent levels and fix issues of not being able to select some levels in the Multiplayer level selection screen.
This should hopefully be the last update if I don't find any major or progression-breaking bugs. Thank you all for playing, and I hope to see you again with better stuff in the future.
Also known as "RTB" on Discord

Sonic 3D Ass: Horrible camera island.

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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #45

Uh, download link seems to be missing D:
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #46
PK3 Fetishist

Oops sorry about that :P I uploaded the wrong file, had to delete to reupload it, try now lol.
Also known as "RTB" on Discord

Sonic 3D Ass: Horrible camera island.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #47

It's a very good pack. Maybe you could learn something from Zeno's pack. The level's are really fun. And it's very fun when you can platform while keeping your momentum. Keeping your momentum is very fun. And making shortcuts using the Whirlwind shield / Electric shield is pretty cool. And doing spindash jumps also to make shortcuts. Always try to keep the player's momentum going, you can have difficult platforming and still have it fun and challenging for the player, as long as they can keep the momentum going, they will have fun. That's what I think. Just skip the first 3 zones, they're not really good.

Sorry if this sounds like i'm comparing 2 mods. I'm just saying that you MIGHT could learn from this pack, and just try to add ways for the player to keep their momentum going, as I think that might be the way.

Again, very sorry if this sounds like a stupid comment.
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Old 4 Weeks Ago   #48

Tracking down the chaos emeralds was a lot of fun, I think QCZ's hiding spot has to be my favourite! Spring Garden is a cute extra now for finding everything (though I don't know if it intentionally doesn't have an exit or if I'm just blind)

The QCZ2 boss was also a really clever way to up the ante with that boss design, and I actually found it rather challenging!

Looking forward to seeing what new work you create, this pack is rather nice for the first pack of 2.2 and now that it's complete I'll have some fun going for records. If you'd like some more detailed commentary on how I feel about the levels I can hit you up on discord as well :)
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Old 2 Weeks Ago   #49

I didn't like Frozen Heights, it had lots of worse enemy placement and super small platforms of way too slippery ice... unless ice was always that slippery. Anyway platforms were small and exploration isnt really encouraged as the level is mostly a straight line with some curves, and the gimmicks arent really introduced well.

This is damn good for your first pack tho, I don't think i'd do any better, good job
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