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SRB2 Battle! Multiplayer Gameplay Mod (V8.6)
Version: 8.6, by CobaltBW (Community Noise Maker) CobaltBW is offline
Developer Last Online: Dec 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (12 votes - 4.25 average)
Released: 02-11-2020 Last Update: 08-13-2020 Favourites: 22
Multiplayer Levels SOCs Scripts Sprites/Graphics

SRB2 Battle!
Also known as "BattleMod"

SRB2 Battle is a gameplay modification which radically transforms multiplayer versus into an all-out brawl!
Spoiler: Previews

  • New mechanics for PvP game modes
  • Ring-consuming special abilities for each character
  • Arena, a deathmatch game mode focused around small stages and close combat
  • Survival, to see who can be the last person standing!
  • Control Point, where players compete for dominance on one of several capture zones on the stage
  • Diamond in the Rough, a mad rush to steal a single diamond on the map
  • Battle CTF, a version of CTF that utilizes the new battle mechanics
  • Twelve maps, all designed with Arena and Survival gameplay in mind
  • User config included, allowing players to customize their buttons for Battle-specific abilities.
  • Modder accessibility, allowing scripters to create their own special abilities and interact with Battle's melee system

Download V8.6 (11/15/2020)

Gameplay and Console Manual

Mapper's Manual

Scripter's Manual

Spoiler: Special thanks

Many of the folks in SRB2 Discord #scripting for advice and troubleshooting support throughout Battle's development
Everyone on the Master Server who helped to test this and provide feedback while it was in beta
Krabs, for his tireless work on the Arena map visuals and design
FlareBlade93, for contributing his excellent Pumpkin Peak stage to the Arena rotation
Kays, for beta testing and helping to provide screenshots for the gameplay manual
SMSAlfredo, for his "guard" script which served as the foundation for parrying
Everyone here, for playing and supporting the mod with their creative content

Please receive permission and give credit to the below users before reusing the following content:
DirkTheHusky: Instashield graphics (from Insta Shield)
SMS Alfredo: Sonic Battle "shield" graphics, guard scripting: Sonic Battle Collection
Flame: 2D Dynamic Camera (from Smash Cam)
TehRealSalt: Fang targeting and shooting systems (from Simple character rebalancing)
Kaysakado: Respawning Objects and Bustable FOFs
  • Any lua scripting not listed above may be freely reused.
  • All music included with BattleMod may be freely reused.
  • HUD graphical assets not listed above may be freely reused.

Full Credits

Patch Notes

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Old 02-26-2020   #42
Also known as Sylve
Sylvegamer3's Avatar

Really likin' the new update so far! Things feel a lot more unique with the separation from ringslinger and the balance changes seem fair to me. Only one small thing I noticed: When someone enters the game and becomes IT, there's no space between the "is" and the name of the player, ex. "Playeris now it!" instead of "Player is now it!" Example in-game provided below.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	missing space.PNG
Views:	71
Size:	14.6 KB
ID:	27243  
I don't really know what to put here... Oh well.
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Old 02-29-2020   #43

I'd prefer if every move had more cooldown, and maybe using a move would make you more vulnerable. Right now it kind of feels like spamming or mashing is more rewarding than uh... not doing that? It's kinda getting hit over and over again really.

Nerf Knuckles... what the hell is Knuckles and why. His gliding has priority, which is stupid. And it's hard to counter, Knuckles glide is way too fast to punish, and the crouch he does is ALSO unpunishable even with thok because of how little vulnerability he has. I see Knux players spamming glide because it makes them invincible.

Maybe increase and change the placement of the control points, so it's less cluttered and unfun to play with. Knuckle's rock blast is the best space controlling move, yet the cost is so little. I don't understand. Dig makes the player fear getting close, because rock blast's radius is pretty much the entire control point arena. It should automatically cost more rings and have less cooldown so if the player has 100 rings they cant just dig, rock blast, run away and then do it again. It is good that Knuckles has a good space controlling move, but it's not very counterable due to it's little vulnerability if the move misses.

Fang's popgun is annoying, but I guess if you're not in close range you can thok at him. You're completely helpless if you try jumping at him though, as he can shoot you. You can't really spin at him either because the same thing. This is like Minecraft Skeleton, but 2 times faster.

Also make Sonic's ground pound hurt Knuckles dig, for another reason to play Sonic. Nerf probably every move in the game so it's less mashy and more fun... consider... i honestly don't know if nerfing would help.

Armageddon Shield has NEVER worked any time I got it. Elemental and Electric shield are the strongest shields, undeniably.
Nerf the hearts, those are stupid.
Twinspin has priority over glide... hopefully.
If knuckles is actually invincible when standing still... I mean I get that that's a reference to like the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Knuckles fight but it's kinda dumb. I say if because someone actually said this was the case.
Maybe Sonic would be better if he had an insta-shield, because gliding is way too safe rn. Like i'm just theorizing off of balance, since we need balance.
Amy is cool I guess.
Metal is uh... cool maybe.
Fang has a good ranged move.
Knuckles... good at everything, easiest character.
Tails... noone plays tails so i can't tell. People complained about the sentries not actually working or something.
Sonic... his ground pound only works on the ground, and leaves him very vulnerable due to the bounce he does, since he cant move at all, but of course Knuckles dig you can only guess when he's going to let it out, and then he can glide out of it so he isn't left vulnerable... okay...

I hope this random blob of text helps you balance the game.
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Old 02-29-2020   #44
Community Noise Maker
CobaltBW's Avatar

Version 3 has been released. This is essentially a quality of life update and is focused on fixing bugs, adjusting game balance, and opening up more aspects of the game modes and mechanics to other modders. (Download is in the first post.)

Main takeaways:
- Console commands for controlling CP spawns
- Adjustments to the CP capturing mechanism
- Added new tables to allow modders to determine which custom gamemodes are counted as "Battle" and "CP"
- Restructured and rebalanced melee priority system
- Added variables and functions to allow modders to manipulate the priority system
- Several bug fixes, many of them related to scoring and damage issues

Open the spoiler for the full changelog.
Version 3

- Added console net variables which enable/disable Control Point spawn positions
- Added table CBW_Battle.Gametypes.TeamScoreType[gametype]
	Set value to "1" to calculate team score in "Team Battle" type modes
- Added table CBW_Battle.Gametypes.Battle[gametype]
	Set value to "true" to enable Battle rules and mechanics for gametype
- Added table CBW_Battle.Gametypes.CP[gametype]
	Set to "true" to enable CP rules and mechanics for gametype
- Added function CBW_Battle.AddPriorityFunction(string,function)
	Indexes the specified function as a string (for use with player.battle_func, player.battle_extfunc, and player.battle_sfunc)
- Added variable player.battle_func
	String index for core priority function for characters. If nil, defaults to "basic" (index for CBW_Battle.Priority_Core)
- Added variable player.battle_extfunc
	String index for an additional priority function. If nil, defaults to "abilities" (index for CBW_Battle.Priority_Ability).
- Added variable player.battle_sfunc
	String index for a conditional function, which should return a boolean value. Function can read up to two arguments (, othermo). If set to nil, does nothing.
- Added variable player.battle_atk
	Current attack priority. (If higher than enemy defense priority, deals damage. If equal, can send enemy into disadvantage state)
- Added variable player.battle_def
	Current defense priority. (Resists knockback and damage if equal or higher to enemy attack)
- Added variable player.battle_satk
	Sweet/sourspot attack priority. (Overrides atk if sfunc returns true)
- Added variable player.battle_sdef
	Sweet/sourspot defense priority. (Overrides def if sfunc returns true)

- Reorganized lua contents and changed lua lump naming conventions
- Moved gametype rules from OBJCTCFG to Init_Gametype.lua
- Fixed Battle CTF being set to run on "TOL_BATTLE" maps instead of "TOL_BATTLECTF" maps
- Removed "TOL_TEAMBATTLE", "TOL_TEAMDIAMOND", and "TOL_TEAMCP" from freeslots
- Removed deprecated KingPanel variables
- Improved accuracy of collision angle detection for PvP interactions
- Restructured collision priority code to be less confusing and ambiguous
- Added backup CP spawn functionality for when no valid map spawns are available
- Fixed hits via Tails' sentry not awarding points to the player
- Corrected a script break in Exec_HUD.lua
- HUD compass will now point in the correct direction in splitscreen and while spectating
- Disallowed Knuckles from being able to burrow while in goowater or quicksand
- Fixed armaggeddon shields not dealing damage to enemy players
- Fixed elemental powers not protecting against elemental damage from enemy player projectiles
- Fixed Amy's heart projectiles dealing damage in spite of spinning state

Game Balance
- Disabled Rail/Infinity spawn positions for CP by default (set cp_spawnrail and cp_spawninfinity to 1 as server/admin to re-enable)
- Readjusted PvP recoil and disadvantage state to more consistently favor the player with the higher offensive/defensive priority

Control Panel
- Reduced fluctuation of min/max capture speed

Team Control Panel
- Two teams must have an equal number of players on the point in order for it to be fully blocked
- The team with the highest number of players on the point will increase capture meter, but the rate of capture decreases based on the number of enemy players on the point

Priorities that remain unchanged
- spinjump/spinning priority (1 atk / 1 def)
- Tails propellor attack (2/2)
- Knuckles "fighter stance" sweetspot (0/1)
- Knuckles, Amy ability (no sweetspot) (1/0)

Priorities that have been altered
- Knuckles' glide sweetspot (3/4 -> 2/1)
- Amy's Twin Spin hammer sweetspot (4/4 -> 1/3)
- Amy's Melee hammer sweetspot (4/4 -> 1/3)
- Fang's tail bounce sweetspot (4/3 -> 2/3)
- Metal's dashmode while moving (3/4 -> 3/1)
- Metal's dashmode while charging spindash (1/1 -> 1/3)

- Added vertical angle limit to "fighter stance" sweetspot
- Reduced lifetime of rock blast projectiles (45 -> 35)

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Old 02-29-2020   #45
Community Noise Maker
CobaltBW's Avatar

Version 3.1 released, just fixing a few issues that slipped through the cracks:

Version 3.1

- Fixed CP compass not working correctly in Simple controls
- Fixed a typo in the hit message feed
- Fixed a print message flood in the HUD script
- Fixed Tails sentry not awarding points in Battle gametypes

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Old 02-29-2020   #46
YoshSonYs9's Avatar

First post on the Srb2 Forum, (been playing SRB2 for years and had a lot of fun!) and I need to say this.

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Old 02-29-2020   #47
Super Neko~
StellarStardust's Avatar

Just tried out the latest version of the mod and I actually had a lot of fun here! Even more so than normal Ringslinger if I'm to be honest. However, I do have some nitpicks.

First, I find it still a tad annoying that you still lose all your rings as usual, since they still matter here to pull off special moves and whatnot, but the difference between this and normal RS was that, even if you didn't have any rings, you could use weapon rings at the cost of using up double the ammo. Here, you'd need at least 10 rings to pull off a special move. Maybe you could make it you don't lose ALL your rings, but a good chunk of them instead?

Second, Sonic's thok is great to use on opponents but on the receiving end it's different, the skidding is a bit over the top here as it hinders you a bit TOO much imo. If it was slightly increased knockback or something, it'd be fine imo.(Also his ground pound is amazing, please keep it the way it is)

Lastly, I wanna address the fact that Tails still feels too weak here. Yeah, he can spawn 3 buzzes now, but you can still spindash, jump, hammer.etc them away with no effort required and that makes them feel almost useless. I mean you could plan out and stun players and whatnot, but there's also the risk of getting too close to players like Sonic, Fang or even Knuckles as they can either hit you with a thok/glide or in Fang's case, destroy your buzz(es) like nothing.

Then again, I could be complaining for nothing and it's me, but I digress. Either way, amazing mod, Cobalt.(NowplsputthisinVanilla;_;)
Got any spare headpats left?

Last edited by StellarStardust; 02-29-2020 at 09:05 PM. Reason: i cant sentence my words right :(
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Old 03-01-2020   #48
Community Noise Maker
CobaltBW's Avatar

Version 3.2, hopefully the final hotfix for this weekend:

Version 3.2

- Added server console variable "battledebug", which displays action and battle debug info for the currently viewed player.

- Fixed player.battle_sdef not being properly refreshed by the basic priority function
- Fixed no-jump-damage characters having spinjump priority
- Fixed Amy's hammer priority always being active
- Fixed players being able to spin around freely on the ground after getting "charmed"
- Fixed Knuckles having temporal anxiety while in reverse gravity
- Fixed Tag Egg Robo being nonfunctional if "battleactions" is off
- Fixed Tag Egg Robo being damaged by projectiles from non-tagged players

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Old 03-01-2020   #49
Community Noise Maker
CobaltBW's Avatar

Version 3.3

- Fixed CPs not being captured at 100% if the CP is currently contested
- Fixed uncurled players still being in "spinning" state on the ground

- Reduced the scaling of no-control skid time during a collision
- Tweaked the application of no-control skid time to both parties in a collision

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Old 03-01-2020   #50
YoshSonYs9's Avatar

Originally Posted by CobaltBW View Post
Version 3.3

- Fixed CPs not being captured at 100% if the CP is currently contested
- Fixed uncurled players still being in "spinning" state on the ground

- Reduced the scaling of no-control skid time during a collision
- Tweaked the application of no-control skid time to both parties in a collision
Nice job on the fast & speedy update fixes upon bug notice requests, Cobalt! Keep up the good work. Hopefully that's the last one people like me notice until SRB2 Battle Mod 4.0.

Last edited by YoshSonYs9; 03-01-2020 at 07:38 PM. Reason: update fixes*
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Old 03-01-2020   #51
Community Noise Maker
CobaltBW's Avatar

Version 3.4

- Fixed elemental shields deflecting all projectiles

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Old 03-01-2020   #52

Nooo cobalt whyyyyyy
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Old 03-01-2020   #53
Your local lua dumbass
RainbowTH's Avatar

Balance, Zanda. It's all about balance.
<Rainbow> REEEEEE
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Old 03-02-2020   #54
ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar

Battle CTF and Control Point have their descriptions swapped, fyi
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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Old 03-04-2020   #55

Can you PLEASE make it so that in Battle CTF you cannot use your ability by using tossflag? At least make it to if you're holding a flag, and you use tossflag, that you just toss the flag without using your ability. Isn't your ability mapped to "fire" or "firenormal" anyway? It's super annoying rn.
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Old 03-04-2020   #56
ms reflec beat stan
fickleheart's Avatar

I tried this out online a couple days ago (I wanna say it was running 3.4?) and I had a load of fun, but boy, Amy feels underpowered as hell compared to everyone else. Her hammer requires a lot of commitment to use and yet can be deflected by most of the rest of the cast just by jumping, and doesn't even seem to have an active hit state for the entire animation, judging by some of the hits I've taken from a jump despite being swinging. Her ability is pretty useless in a fight, too; the projectile is pretty small and, though it disables abilities, doesn't seem to do anything else to enemies at least in CTF. Compared to someone like Knuckles, who has a spin jump and an incredibly easy area denial/ranged attack with the dig, or even Fang with his bombs, it's kind of frustrating having so few useful options.

As it stood, my survival strategy in CTF ended up boiling down to either hiding with the flag until a teammate retrieved ours, or being a nuisance and distracting opponents to let teammates get away, which... is still entertaining, but definitely doesn't feel useful. In control points, on the other hand, I ended up being practically useless, since other characters are all way better-suited for area denial.

It might be nice if the hammer had a slight hitbox buff? I think that would greatly help Amy's ability to fend for herself in a confrontation.
Originally Posted by Arf View Post
Stop trying to make slopes, guys.
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Old 03-04-2020   #57
Apollyon Woman
Homestuck Trash
Apollyon Woman's Avatar

So after hosting this mod on a server a good fair number of times, I've encountered a few bugs/qualms regarding EggRobo tag in particular. I'll get the actual bug out of the way first:

Character Abilities are bugged with EggRobo: Granted, I have no idea whether this is an issue with Battle Mod or the character wads themselves, but certain characters have abilities which still persist and can be used even after they transform into an Eggrobo. The two notable cases with this are Flicky and Modern. Flicky can still do the Wavedash thing it does and Modern is still capable of boosting and stomping. This should probably be fixed as it could possibly interfere with regular gameplay or give an unfair advantage.

Now, for the things that aren't actually bugged, but I believe should be changed or fixed:
  • Bumping: Because of Battle Mod physics, players can still bump the EggRobo player around during the hiding portion of the game. Depending on the map they can bump the EggRobo player directly into hazards (or water) that they can then die from, and that they can do nothing about because the EggRobo cannot move or see.
  • Hazards: I believe Eggrobo should be granted immunity to certain floor hazards. I know this might seem nitpicky or nonsensical, but there have been many cases where both me and the players I'm playing with took damage from Lava or an Electrical floor because EggRobo's floating animation gave us the impression that he wasn't actually grounded and thus logically shouldn't have taken damage from it. Speaking of which...
  • Floating: This is a personal gripe, but I think something should be done with regards to EggRobo's... floating. What I'm talking about is how he slowly floats up and down when he's not hovering. While it admittedly does breathe a bit of life and animation into the character, it quite frequently gets in the way of gameplay. Numerous times I have lost almost all my speed and momentum while playing as him because I was running up or down a staircase and caused his head to bump into the ceiling. I think it should either be less exaggerated or removed outright.
  • Spectating: Lastly, I think that Spectating should somehow be disabled for anyone who's not playing as an EggRobo. Quite a few times in my server I've had issues with hiding players spectating others to see their hiding spots, so that in the event they do get tagged and become an EggRobo, they know exactly where to look and gives them an unfair advantage. It encourages poor sportsmanship and the only way to get around it currently is either go by the honor system or turn on MovieNight so that people can see exactly when someone is spectating them.

That's all. Hope it wasn't too much, haha.
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Old 03-12-2020   #58
Community Noise Maker
CobaltBW's Avatar

Version 4 has been released.

The main takeaways:

- CTF flag intangibility periods when the flag is dropped or respawns at the base. Overall this is intended to reward teams for flag recovery and swift capturing, reducing stalemates.
- Mechanical changes to Tails' sentries. Sentries are now evenly spread apart from each other and much less likely to self-destruct by clipping through terrain. Their arm time has also been slightly decreased.
- Knuckles dig changes and bug fixes. Dig now has a hard burrow limit of 2 seconds, but movespeed while burrowing and jump height while performing rock blast have been increased.
- Amy's melee and twinspin have received some moderate priority buffs to make them more consistent and to reward successful twinspins. Charm beam received several buffs, including the ability to slow enemy players and remove their shields; teammates can now be shielded even if they are flashing invulnerable.
- For modders: The "ShouldDamage" hook used for projectiles can now be overridden by setting the projectile mass to a non-zero value.
- Various bugfixes.

Special thanks to Krabs for prototyping the Knuckles modifications featured in today's update.

Full changelog:

Version 4

The standard ShouldDamage hook for custom projectiles can be overridden by setting the projectile's mass to a non-zero value

Fixed Knuckles' temporal anxiety when in reverse gravity
Fixed Battle CTF and CP having the wrong gametype descriptions
player.charability is 0 if player is charmed

Action cooldown now displays in centiseconds
Added "GOT FLAG!" indicator to CTF gametypes

Collisions and non-ring projectiles correctly apply damage to enemy players

"IT" indicator displays in standard Tag gametypes
Disabled spectators in EggRoboTag
Egg Robos will be reverted to skin "sonic" if player is using a custom skin while "IT"

Flag is intangible for 10 seconds when respawning at the base
Flag is intangible for 1 second after dropping or tossing
Added a 1-second cooldown to using actions after tossing the flag

Pointlimit reduced (7000 -> 5000)
Timelimit disabled (8 -> 0)

Team CP
Pointlimit reduced (4 -> 3)

Buzz Sentry
Lowered attack startup (25 -> 20)
Sentries are more selective about using noclip; will teleport if player is out of view
Sentries are now evenly spaced behind player and will reposition according to player angle
Sentries look straight forward instead of at the player
Target blockmap search range increased (512 -> 640)

Pressing spin now causes Emerge to be used instead of Rock Blast
Delay before moving underground, rock blasting, or emerging is available (35 -> 22)
Removed ring drain while underground - after 2 seconds of digging, Emerge is used automatically
Movement speed (33% -> 37.5%)
Rock Blast
Cost raised (6 -> 8)
Pressing "jump" instead of "fire ring" gives knuckles extra height
Fixed bug where rock blast didn't need any rings to use if you pressed "jump"
Rock despawn time increased (35 -> 40)
Floor rock blast
Increased vertical launch angle of rocks
Added an inner layer of 4 rocks with even higher vertical launch angle
Reduced amount of rocks

Melee base priority raised (1/0 -> 1/1)
Twinspin base priority raised (1/0 -> 1/2)
Twinspin sweetspot priority raised (1/3 -> 2/3)
Removed a z-angle check for the twinspin sweetspot, sweetspot triggers exlusively when facing the opponent
Charm Beam
Cost reduced (12 -> 10)
Charmed players are slowed (75% normalspeed, thrustfactor - 1)
Charmed players will have their shields and sneakers removed
Charmed time reduced (8s -> 6s)
Flashing teammates can be shielded by the charm beam

Bombs are correctly colored in Battle gametypes

EDIT: Quick V4.1 release, just needed to delete an unintended print message in one of the scripts.

Check out my soundcloud profile for music stuff

Last edited by CobaltBW; 03-12-2020 at 08:06 PM.
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Old 03-12-2020   #59
Contest Winner
Krabs's Avatar

Spoiler: knux changes context
Knuckles should (hopefully) feel more well-rounded now. You can do cool stuff like dig and emerge to quickly dodge attakcs, use rock blast to aid vertical mobility, etc. The improved mobility should also help him fight when there isn't a point to defend. I hope all that makes up for the complete removal of camping underground for as long as your ring count allows. He still feels pretty ring-hungry though, which may or may not be a bad thing

Loving the CTF changes so far, and those amy buffs look really substantial and well thought out. I think battle is shaping up extremely nicely and, at this point, should be seriously considered for inclusion in vanilla.
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Old 03-12-2020   #60

Can you make it so that if you use Toss-flag to toss your flag (while having a flag), you don't use your ability right after tossing the flag? It's kinda annoying.
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Old 03-14-2020   #61
Also Known as CyanKnight
ChrisHedge's Avatar

I love the Knuckles and Amy changes! Though, I think the flag changes on CTF are a little much. I understand the intent is to reduce the chance of a stalemate but now there a really odd one sided-ness to it all. Even if you do get to the flag before the enemy flag bearer there isn't too much you can do to deny them the flag on maps with more open Capture points (Thinking of Nimbus and Turret to name a few). So if they get passed you (assuming that you're the only defense standing between them and their own flag) they score a free point for their team This is even with a fang or a knuckles or a metal sonic waiting to deny them space in their base with their abilities. Another thing is that there are 10 whole seconds where the enemy can't take your flag from you that means flanking and stealthing the flag are pretty much useless now unless the carrier just happened to be far away from their base. I don't think this change has to be reverted entirely but I feel Intangibility time could at the very least be reduced by half to keep the enemy team on their toes.
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