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Desert Bus
Version: 1.3, by Sharb Sharb is offline
Developer Last Online: Feb 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (8 votes - 4.13 average)
Released: 01-14-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 0
Multiplayer Levels Re-Useable Content

Ever wanted to travel from Tucson, Arizona, to Las Vegas, Nevada for 8 hours straight but with sonic the hedgehog?
No? Too bad here's a co-op map version of desert bus!

Here's just some of the features you can expect to see when you play SRB2 Bus with friends
  • Sit on the drivers seat for 8 hours, falling off will wind back your time
  • Experience what it's like to have a wobbly chair that's constantly unstable and sliding you off of it
  • Watch at least 2 cactus's at a time.
  • Drive in a straight line
But that's not all this map supports multiplayer! Gather your friends and you can do amazing things such as
  • Sit
  • Annoy the bus driver
  • Watch the bus drive past you
  • Run with the bus
  • Sit on the roof
  • fruitlessly try to escape the bus, it is useless no matter how far you run it will appear in front of you, there is no escape, only bus.
  • sit in the back

Have fun!

I want to thank fickle for technical help, Tina, Crepe, CodenameGamma and Arrietty for additional support and suggestions.

Feedback is appreciated.

change log
- moved win trigger to prevent suicide players from finishing the level
- line def triggers have been moved further out of bounds to prevent camera clipping
- New timer system has been created, the bus no longer rewinds time if you stop, you just need to sit on the chair for 8 hours
- A visual hour counter has been added to the bus, no more relying on the in game "TIME" to know if you've been driving for 8 hours. Increase the tension by blocking the clock!

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File Type: pk3 VS_SRB2BUS-v1.3.pk3 (218.2 KB, 499 views)


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Old 01-17-2020   #22

The level is a little short but pretty good overall
It's Just your friendly neighborhood NooB Eggy :D
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Old 01-17-2020   #23
sinewave's Avatar

Originally Posted by Eggmanfan View Post
The level is a little short but pretty good overall
yeah i agree
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Old 1 Day Ago   #24

Now i wish we could go through this again, but with Jeck Jim's MD3s this time
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