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Version: 2.1, by CreeperFace941 (*dial up noises*) CreeperFace941 is offline
Developer Last Online: Dec 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (9 votes - 1.78 average)
Released: 07-02-2020 Last Update: 07-05-2020 Favourites: 1
Characters Scripts Re-Useable Content

The error has gained a mind of it's own.

Coming with a set of "glitches", it's MT_UNKOWN!

Ability 1: Jumps!
The jump system broke. UNKNOWN can jump forever!

Ability 2: Dash mode!
Run long enough and dash mode activates! Functions just like metal sonic's.

Ability 3: Debug(?)
Spawn an object with custom 1. A Risk/reward system!

Ability 4: Flipping!
Pressing custom 2 flips gravity for 2 seconds, with a 1 second cooldown.
Yes. The cooldown is smaller than the duration.

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Old 07-03-2020   #2
The unreliable judge
MellowJacket's Avatar

There's enough effort in this with the silly little details like broken and reversed audio, and that one silly Lua ability, to be let into releases I'd say. It works.

The debug spawning could probably do with a larger pool of potential objects it could spawn though. Maybe a pity shield as an additional good outcome, or a more dangerous badnik like a Lance-a-bot as a bad outcome.
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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Old 07-03-2020   #3
[Insert meme here]
Jonster's Avatar

WARNING : MT_speen_sprite52 could not be loaded.
god fuck
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Old 07-03-2020   #4
Rafael44642's Avatar

I actually find this pretty creative! Since its rare to see that error. Will definitly give it a try :)
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Old 07-03-2020   #5
"Hat Boi" in netgames.
Gameobatts's Avatar

WARNING : Good character pk3 has been added.
Chibi-Robo probably not gonna happen.
hey also could you change my name to "Hat Boi" please
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Old 07-03-2020   #6
The Danganronpa Guy ._.XD
LuxisLand's Avatar

WARNING : MT_UNKNOWN_Custom3 Could not be loaded.
"As long as there exists seeds of hope. I'll glady kill a person, and glady die myself."
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Old 07-04-2020   #7
GreenKnight9000's Avatar

I notice the playername is misspelled as "Unknwown", might wanna fix that
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Still waiting for Controller Support to be fixed...
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Old 07-05-2020   #8
Warrior from Algol
Icarus's Avatar

Wasn't this thing in GZDoom as well?
Welcome to the Fantasy Zone
Get Ready!
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Old 07-05-2020   #9
Default Question

Can you make the debug so you can choose what spawns?
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Old 07-22-2020   #10
Amphany's Avatar

Originally Posted by 123456789 View Post
Can you make the debug so you can choose what spawns?
im pretty sure thats whats meant to happen? its a risk reward type thing
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Old 10-20-2020   #11
The Gamerman
Tempbanned (Strike 2)
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