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Dirk The Husky - Version 2.1; now with Battle mod support Details »»
Dirk The Husky - Version 2.1; now with Battle mod support
Version: 2.1.2, by DirkTH (:dirksass:) DirkTH is offline
Developer Last Online: Apr 2020

Version: SRB2 Rating: (11 votes - 4.27 average)
Released: 02-05-2020 Last Update: Never Installs: 7
Characters Sprites/Graphics

Its been over 2 years since Dirk has his latest update in v2.1, now with SRB2 v2.2 released, he was going to get ported any day. Actually, the version 2.0 updated bring you more than a port. In fact, this update is like the biggest updates yet for Dirk. For those who aren't familiar with this character, let me explain to you about this boy.

About Dirk

Dirk is young husky who has cryokinesis, which is the ability to perform ice abilities at his own will. He is also athletic so he can perform spin jumps and
spin dashes. His stats are the same as the main characters, but he has different abilities which majorly involving reaching high places like Tails. With his abilities, many possibilities for different routes for Dirk can take or nearly endless.


Ice Platforms (Primary ability - Jump in midair)

Dirk can spawn up to three platforms when he's in the air. However, after you spawn one, it will vanish after a few seconds so be quick and mindful on where to spawn them. Use them to your advantage in platforming if you got what it takes!

Ice Surf (Secondary ability - Spin when reached top speed)

With a running start, Dirk can travel through the air using ice surf for 6 seconds. Holding Jump while ice surfing to ascend higher, but your speed will also be cut in half. Releasing spin while ascending makes Dirk hop off his ice surf to end it. Dirk rapid tints the skincolor your using when you have half the energy left and the ice surf trail starts to fade out. Trying to perform this ability when walking will send Dirk into his spin state.

Frost Walker (Third ability - Running on water surface)

With the cyrokinesis energy surrounding him, Dirk can walk on water with ease while spawning ice under his feet. Though be a bit careful when using this move on rising water. You can cancel this ability by spindashing.

Slippery Floor Resistance (Passive Ability)

Dirk has a bit of an advantage with slippery floors. When no movement keys are pressed on slippery floors, Dirk can stop faster than everyone else. With this special ability, Dirk has no problem beating zones filled with ice and/or slippery hazards.

Match Weapons

Dirk has a variety of match weapons of his own. Some of them play offensively, and defensively depending on what they do. ITS IMPORTANT TO SET A KEYBIND TO RING TOSS NORMAL WHEN PLAYING AS HIM. ONLY ONE WEAPON DEALS PROPER DAMAGE TO HIS OPPONENTS. With that notice out of the way, let's jump into the weapons.

Ice Shard (Weapon 1 - Ring Toss Normal)

The only weapon that does actual damage to opponents. It behaves like a rail ring, but its not an instant sniper. It will still do you good if you know aiming pretty well. You get no ring cost when you grab the infinity ring.

Frost Breath (Weapon 2 - Ring Toss on Slot #1)

Dirk will try to freeze players with this move. Hit the players for a while to slow them down, then hit them a little more to freeze them. This is your
chance to strike them down with ice shard before they break free! For players that are frozen, Mash the jump button quickly to break free or else! This move drains your rings like the automatic ring.

Snow Storm (Weapon 3 - Ring Toss on Slot #2 when you have 10 rings or more)

Dirk with drop a snow storm mine and when it lands, a huge snowstorm will occur in a radius for a few seconds. When you in its range when it first triggers, you'll speed with instantly drop down. If you're in it while its going, you'll lose rings rapidly so move out before you have no rings left!

Ice Wall (Weapon 4 - Ring Toss on Slot #3 when you have 5 rings or more)

The best defense weapon you have. Dirk will summon a barrier that can be handy to defend yourself from upcoming attacks. Its also handy in a tight space to block off paths to make your escape. But don't think you're safe, players can break the wall with their weapon rings. So move out before they break it or you'll be in serious trouble!

Frost Stun (SRB2 Battle Exclusive - Ring Toss when you have 20 rings or more)

For CobaltBW's battle mod, Dirk has an ability that he can use instead of his weapons. When activated, Dirk will began to charge up his attack and then unleash a radius attack that freezes players that get caught. This move makes Dirk a disruptive character compared to the main characters. This doesn't mean you can't deal proper damage to your enemies. Dirk can still deal damage to his opponents with his spin attacks. This move has a 7 second cooldown time after use so make sure you continue to strike back with the spin attack moves.


Dirk has a few extra stuff added in for his own gameplay experience. Whenever you're playing alone or in a netgame with others!

Dirk comes with bot support and its perfect when you have him pairing with someone. When you have him as a bot, You can have him spawn platforms by standing next to him and jumping when the indicator shows up
Dirk's abilities are co-op friendly. Show others what the true power of co-operation is by giving them a lift. Ice platforms are intangible from the bottom so players don't have to time their jumps. Ice surf can carry players and give them for a cool ride. I bet you can make a huge ice surf train with
that move.
Dirk has some miscelleanous animations that you don't see in SRB2. Like having his ice ring float in the air via Sonic 1 and even the addition of skiding, frozen, wind animations.
Dirk is capable of going super when you get all the chaos emeralds. What is the reward for going super? You'll have to play as him to find out!

Frozen system support includes:

Egg-Robo by CobaltBW
- Putting out Egg-Robo's jet fumes
UglyKnux by GXP3000
- Skincolor remains your color when frozen

(3/25/20) - As of the v2.1.1 patch, frozen sprites for characters (except Dirk) has been removed. The reason is between the SPR2_FROZ freeslot and models. Frozen sprites uses custom face expressions for a huge list of characters. It would be a pain for modelers to add in expressions for existing models (It would take up poly count for models as well.). Some bits like Uglyknux not changing skincolor and Egg-Robo getting his jets put out are kept in though.

You can still add in frozen sprites to your character. Just apply this to any SOC lump:

Sprite2 SPR2_FROZ
Default = SPR2_DEAD
Of course, I can't include the v2.0 update without a changelog:


//Sonic Robo Blast 2 Version 2.2 updates
2.1.2 (4/1/20)
Disabled Abilitiy and weapons when playing on Tron gametype
Added 2 secrets involving character interactions

2.1.1 (3/25/20)
Ice platform ability no longer resets when landing on a platform while using elemental stomp
Dirk can no longer use his abilities after using a shield ability
Removed unnecessary freeslot in the SOC files
Added Silver telekinesis properties to Ice Shard.
Fixed an issue where Dirk's frost breath deals damage
Removed frozen sprites. Dirk still has his and some support for other characters are kept in.
Several buffs to Dirk in Battle mod:
- Reduced Ring amount to 16 rings
- Increased Frost Stun radius from 256 to 320
- Reduced Charge time from 3 to 1.5 seconds
- Reduced Cooldown time from 10 to 7 seconds
- Frozen players fly lower after being frozen. Making it easier to deal combos
- Scoring points for freezing players has been reduced from 50 to 25 points.

2.1.0a (3/3/20)
Changed the start-up message number from 2.0.1 to 2.1.0.

2.1.0 (3/3/20)
NEW! Added support for CBW's Battle Mod. Read the weapons section for the details. Thank CobaltBW for helping me code this.
Frozen sprites for custom characters are moved from SPR2s to sprites. This means they will load properly whenever you add in Dirk first or after the supported characters are added. Thanks Tatsuru!
Added frozen sprite support for Eggman (Egg Pack), Egg Robo, and HMS123311 (SteelT ver.)
Removed friction for ice platforms, ice surf, and frost walker
Tweaked Ice Surf object colors
Added color changing variants for ringslinger weapons. Making it easier to tell team attacks or defense.
Snow Storm Mine got an upgrade! It now uses 16 sprite angles instead of 8
Dirk's shield scale is now 1.05
Tweaked ride and signpost sprites
Ice Surf objects no longer crush players
Ice surf recovery has been removed

2.0.1 (2/6/20)

Fixed a game crash involving Lua Netvars and Dust Devils.
Fixed an oversight where Ice Surf could start carrying players way above of your current height
Fixed a slight visual error where the standing frame would be displayed if Dirk took damage while idling
Removed Sounds for Frost Walker to get rid of the ear bleeds
Renamed Ice Spray to Frost Breath for damage messages
Added frozen sprite support for Silver

2.0.0 (2/5/20)
Dirk has been ported to 2.2 with some tweaks (Huge thanks to Lactozilla)
Dirk's sprites have be remade from scratch in favor of 2.2's sprites style; mostly on Sonic's
Moved the ice ring to his idle animation, which got a better render (Thanks SwitchKaze)
New match weapons have been added to replace Dirk's use of the normal weapons
Added Skid and Wind animations
New sound effects (thanks VAdaPEGA)
The bot support from Inazuma.pk3 has been moved and ported to Dirk
Added passive ability; Slippery Floor Resistance
Removed Ability HUD
Ice Platforms are now papersprited
Ice Platforms are intangible from underneath, so players can hop on them easier in netgames
Ice Surf now cuts your speed in half when ascending
Ice Surfing Speed is doubled when power sneakers are in play
Added a new indicator to Ice Surf
Ice Surf is now compatable with moving FOFs (hopefully)
Multiple players can ride on the ice surf trail whenever a Dirk players is using Ice Surf
Frost Walker can now be cancelled by pressing spin while walking
So many bug fixes and other stuff that I don't remember. sorry lol

//Sonic Robo Blast 2 Version 2.1 updates

1.1.1 (11/1/17)
Fixed an issue where Dirk was invulnerable to certain projectiles (e.g. eggman's laser in GFZ3)
Players using ice surf in analog mode now face the direction of their momentum

1.1.0 (10/31/17)
Ice surfing over moving FOFs is more reliable (it still freaks out in some cases, but most floors can be stably surfed over)
Walking and running on rising water is much less spazzy
Spawning ice platforms while at high speeds is much safer
The tail of Dirk's ice trail becomes intangible while fading away, making it much less of an obstruction
Dirk no longer regenerates ice surf while standing on an ice platform
Ice surfing from an ice platform no longer resets Dirk's ice platform count
Added lots of checks to the ice ring script to reduce the number of warnings that can appear
Modified the way the ice shards are positioned when players are frozen; they should not disconnect from moving players anymore
Fixed a small issue regarding aerial ice surf rising upwards slightly when not holding jump
Dirk now has full compatibility with SRB2 Top Down, as well as a victory sound effect!
Dirk has a new dusk blue coloration! If you want to play as Dirk in the regular black, you can use the "specialcolor" command to turn it off or back on again

1.0.1 (10/11/17)
Fixed the warning that appears when Dirk falls into a pit
Speed shoes no longer throw the player off ice surf at top speed
Freezing players now awards the attacker with points
Non-ice ring projectiles thrown by players on the same team as a frozen player can now break that player free and also gain them points
Resolved a sprite conflict between MonitorsPlus and Dirk (Jeck will need to update the ice platform MD2)
removed herobrine xd

1.0.0 (10/10/17)
Initial release

Bugs and errors

! Sometimes Ice Platforms and Ice Surf can "crush" players when trying to perform the co-op tech in netgames.
! Ice Surf immediately cancels when you ride over a dust devil
! Dirk can't break free from Silver's telekinesis in Ringslingers. He can still freeze them but he won't break free no matter what you do.

-- Credits --
-- Art --
Soap Surfin'

-- Programming --

-- Special Thanks --

Huge thanks to people on Discord for testing this huge update. No seriously, without them, Dirk's match weapons would lag your game hard, and that's not
a good way to welcome the new match weapons. In fact, it would be a pain to find a way to solve this issue.

If any more bugs happen, please post them here and maybe it'll get fixed in a future patch.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this v2.0 update as much as I did putting Dirk in SRB2!

Download Now

File Type: pk3 VCL_Dirk-v2_1_2.pk3 (649.6 KB, 129 views)


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Old 02-05-2020   #2
likes to assault raccoons
Inazuma's Avatar

An amazing update! I'm a huge fan of the upgrades! The new co-op abilities are super fun to play around with!

Welcome to Releases!
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Old 02-05-2020   #3
GreenKnight9000's Avatar

It's great playing as him again! He definitely feels like the perfect unofficial Character DLC of the game!
Certified Emerald Hunter for online matches
-Known as ThomasTheHedgehog888 in matches-
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Old 02-05-2020   #4
Knuckles Chuckles
CyberKnux's Avatar

I was always waiting for this!!!! :D This Is AWESOME!! Thanks Dirk!
Me:Everyone Search For BorisLlama Srb2Kart On Google!
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Old 02-05-2020   #5
dont judge me
Ezehot52's Avatar

Ah yes, the character embodiment of cool fun.

Thank you for porting the character.
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i beg you
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Old 02-05-2020   #6
I am Metaltron Mouse on Dis
Sinny33's Avatar

This is beautiful
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Old 02-06-2020   #7
AKA Superjustinbros
AozoraJustin's Avatar

So glad to see Dirk make the jump to 2.2.
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Old 02-06-2020   #8
MaskedChespin's Avatar

For some reason when trying to join servers Dirk will cause the game to sigsegv and then you can't join the server cause the game will keep crashing.
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Old 02-06-2020   #9
Backseat Developer
Rumia1's Avatar

This continues to be one of the most amazing OCs I've seen, I didn't think Dirk could look any better and yet here we are! The new ice platform graphics look amazing, there's a lot of unique usages of paper sprites, and his new animations based on Sonic look really clean! I can't wait to try him out!
Originally Posted by Cirno
Rumia1 is online now   Reply With Quote
Old 02-06-2020   #10
Meme Queen Supreme
Frostiikin's Avatar

He feels a little strange to play at first, but once you get the hang of it, he is so much fun. The ice surfing is such a unique idea, and its so much fun to use.
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Old 02-06-2020   #11
Zeno's Avatar

So, while this is overall a very good update and honestly makes Dirk alot more fun to play now, but there is one thing that really bothers me. Why is the surf bar in the HUD seemingly gone now?
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Old 02-06-2020   #12
CANINE's Avatar

yooooo! dude this is rly sweet, your art style really fits sonic robo blast's! keep up the good work broseph :))))))
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Old 02-06-2020   #13
Circuit Enthusiast
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Originally Posted by Zeno View Post
Why is the surf bar in the HUD seemingly gone now?
I'd assume the surf bar is gone because the surf ability regenerates instantly.
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Old 02-06-2020   #14
DirkTH's Avatar

Originally Posted by MaskedChespin View Post
For some reason when trying to join servers Dirk will cause the game to sigsegv and then you can't join the server cause the game will keep crashing.
I was aware that I experienced this issue when I was joining a server the other day. Some people got it as well. The patch that is up now should solve this issue.

Originally Posted by Zeno View Post
So, while this is overall a very good update and honestly makes Dirk alot more fun to play now, but there is one thing that really bothers me. Why is the surf bar in the HUD seemingly gone now?
I removed the HUD since back then, there were some mods that add in different custom HUD that would overlap his ability HUD (Like the SUBARASHII secret boss fight) That don't mean you can't tell how much power you have left for it. A different indicator is in the ability where Dirk will rapidly be colorized of your skincolor whenever you have half the energy left to use. And I forgot to state this in the update log, but his ice surf now fills up completely instead of recharging overtime. This also leads to the addition to the speed nerf whenever you ascend.

That said, the 2.0.1 patch is now up. Hopefully this won't cause any SIGSEV errors for anyone. Thanks to Lat' for the bugfixes
Goes by "DirkTheHusky" in netgames.

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Last edited by DirkTH; 02-06-2020 at 10:23 PM.
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Old 02-07-2020   #15
Knuckles Chuckles
CyberKnux's Avatar

Cool! I like it I met you and the player name was DirkTheHusky soo Its Kind of Cool actually!
Me:Everyone Search For BorisLlama Srb2Kart On Google!
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Old 02-07-2020   #16
"needs more jacen"
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Default Someone's Getting Frozen!

YIKES! I've been trapped in an ice cube!

Jacen preview aside, the spritework on this is great!
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	FREEZE.png
Views:	5229
Size:	9.5 KB
ID:	26243  
Is it just me or did the asteroids in 2.1 look more like nuggets?
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Old 02-07-2020   #17
The unreliable joodge
Whackjood's Avatar

I liked this character in 2.1, so I'm quite happy to see this get ported forward with a few improvements too! I had a good time beating the vanilla campaign with Dirk (even if I did kill myself after beating Brak accidentally crushing myself between an ice platform and the escape capsules ceiling, oops). I'm digging the papersprite ice platforms too.

And that idle animation, the ring is so smooth what the heck.
Meanwhile in Aerial Garden Zone
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Old 02-07-2020   #18
little guy*
little guy*'s Avatar

I really like the new port! Good work (Although I'll have to get used to those new sprites. Still not a fan of the new walking and running ripped from sonic)
Should I put something here?

Just playing 2.2!
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Old 02-09-2020   #19
Kooparik's Avatar

Loved playing as Dirk, dude! He's really cool...
Wait, that's a pun.
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Old 02-10-2020   #20
DirkTH's Avatar

A quick post regarding about frozen sprites.

I know that some of you are planning to make frozen sprites for your own addons, so having to patch in frozen support for every character is inconvenient to me. So to make this a bit easier for myself, I will ONLY, and I say ONLY, choosing characters where I think will be acceptable to be in the base pk3 of Dirk.

You can still make frozen sprites for your addons, I just won't be taking requests from anyone to put them into Dirk. I will also not be constantly patching up Dirk just to add in one character support for the frozen sprite set. Currently, tryin to figure out a way to get the frozen sprite system working 100% of the time. I realized there's an issue where if you add in Dirk first, then the supported character (Example: Silver), the sprite won't load when you freeze players. A v2.0.2 patch will release when this issue has been resolved, and after SRB2 v2.2.1 gets released. Any other bugs will also be included.

That's all I have to say and I'll keep you guys updated for more stuff about frozen sprites. Thank you for your time for reading this post.
Goes by "DirkTheHusky" in netgames.

>Kitty: sans undertale?
>DirkTheHusky: ness earthbound
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