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Putting the stage in special stage.
I don't know what you're talking about, every stage focuses on a different gimmick:

GPZ - first stage, easy light platforming over water
TWZ - conveyor belts, bouncing on goo, trying to get as far below lasers and so on
FHZ - Slippery Floors.
SLZ - Pushable gargoyles, water slides and so on.
MMZ - Horizontally moving platforms, dodging lazers
QCZ - Speedy stage with plenty of ramps and springs to get launched off.
MRZ - Crumbling platforms, quickly raising floors, and raising lava.

Do you think the special stages would be better if they were just "here's a room, now go collect spheres before time runs out" ? I am trying to make them as interesting as I can, I'm working on this alone so I'm sorry if this isn't dark souls level of difficulty or not as long as you wish, This is, after all, a fan made level pack, I think you have way too high expectations, I never promised super complicated intricate levels, just some fun short levels to blast through. Let's have some positive energy mkay?

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Originally Posted by Telnaior View Post
The SOC updates are very helpful as well :) One more thing if you want to get rid of the intro / outro cutscenes from vanilla, add "IntroToPlay = 128" to the block at the top of MAINCFG and then set "NextLevel" in Hidden Palace to "EVALUATION" instead of "ENDING".
Thanks, I'm definitely doing that next, I didn't know how to do it so it looked kind of weird finishing the last level and being taken to the original outro cutscene.

Originally Posted by Telnaior View Post
Looking forward to seeing the level updates as you add more special stages and special coins - Frozen Heights in particular is definitely the 'emptiest' level right now as far as length and obstacles go and it'll be interesting to see how you fill it in.
Indeed, I've added a couple of enemies that are tricky to avoid like jetty-sins and buzzers so hopefully the level will feel a bit less empty, and I'll also try to expand it with an additional section and see how I can make more use of the slippery ice after the exit.
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