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While I do like varied levels, the trick is to create enough of an overarching concept without making the layout, textures, and enemies feel random.

As of version 1 for instance, I see the crawlas, the buzzes, the spring shells, crushtaceon, minus, the turret, ect... and I see a sharp transition to a sandy area and a small area with bricks. This is all in what is currently a somewhat small layout.

Zone Builder meanwhile would allow you to make massive expansions to the layout and make an open and exploration-rich level (if something like Sonic Utopia was the aim). You can create a main theme, and then have distinct regions either along the main path or in spots you need to explore to get to. You can create somewhat slower transitions between themes to create the feeling of exploring a world with biomes. To note, Sonic Utopia itself is 99 percent Green Hill with small areas of different theming, areas I think are too small really.

One should also not forget that variety in enemies can be done in more ways than adding everything that comes with the game, you can look at pattern placement, ambushes, changes in the ambient difficulty, ect...

One last thing, as you get more experienced, you could look at expressing the idea in the actual layout (CEZ2 for instance lays out like a literal castle). I say that is more advanced because it could require major revision and a lot of planning ahead to fully realize.

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