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Eh... I think that the amount of enemies is probably fine as long as it's not more than 5. In that case then I believe SRB2's vanilla levels are undersaturated. I mean I know GFZ is just a glorified tutorial level, but it has like one enemy. Crawlas. no, red crawlas dont count, no the fish dont count either because they don't attack the player, they just... hop up and down and do nothing.
3 or 4 Different enemies sounds good.
Also Techno Hill has the same issue, as it just has spring crawlas and hornets, I mean I think most sonic games have more than 2 enemies... could be wrong.
But I mean if SRB2 had at least 3 different enemies in every stage, it'd be much better. Also if GFZ's only enemy wasn't crawla. Some agree with me.
Point is the level is probably not oversaturated, as long as the enemy placements make sense and aren't placed randomly or halfhazardly its good to have VARIETY.
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